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Finally joined the 1" club

Hello ginzo41. I have been lurking on this site for about a year and this is actually my first post.

Along the way I went from total non-believer to skeptical, but hopeful enough to the point to decide give it a chance.

I already gained a healthy soft hang that changed me from locker room shy to on-the-shoulder-towel confident. I became an average/above average soft penis owner..

Being a skeptical I did the same mistake many guys do - no initial documentation.. However I know I gained 3 cm on a soft full stretch bone pressed measurement and a fatter healthier better vascularity hard instrument.

I have been doing stretches, jelqs, kegels, Ulis, pumping and trying to use a Penimaster, all in a relatively regular, however causal approach, that is, I do my exercises but don’t count reps or measure time, and I generally end up giving myself “immediate reward” if you understand me :) I just find too difficult to play with my dick and not cum..


Congrats ginzo!! Now the big question becomes, does your goal still seem like the place you want to be or are you going to develop PE BDD like so many of us…?

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

Brilliant thread!! So totally inspirational!! I’m relatively new and have seen the little newbie gains and overall penis health.. This thread is so motivating.. Seriously, post some tips on your success.. Oh, and congrats!! :)

Congrats, man!

I hope I can post a similar thread in the future. This inspire us all!

BTW: are you using any other device or only manual exercises?

No campaigns for now

Congarts :)

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-


4Foreskin ;)

Nice work, is your girth still 4.25”?

Excellent work man! Keep it up!

Start: BPEL 7 3/8" EG Base 5 5/8" NBPEL 6.5" (apx)

Current: BPEL 7 3/4" EG Base 6" Head 4 5/8" NBPEL 7"

What I read resembles my own history and notion of PE in many ways.

Congratulations, Ginzo. nos está robando

What we want we must create.

I have to inform you that you are DOOMED to reach your goals.
The only variable is time. I gain fractions per year, but I do gain, and I will continue to gain.
Since we don’t have a PE contract that tells us when to stop, we all can reach our goals sometime, and will do that if will be persistent.

Congratulations on your gains, and keep in mind that there are way more to come :)

It takes time and devotion.

Thanks to everyone that bothered to look at my thread, and especially those that took the time to congratulate me. I really appreciate it. After more than two years of reading all the archives on this forum, and actively doing PE, I think I’ve gained a little knowledge that I should pass on to help new members just starting on this journey.I’ve been a lurker for most of my 2 years here, but I will try to be a more active poster in the future.

I have done a huge amount of reading here since I joined, and there are a few threads that really got my attention, and helped form my current routine that seems to be working. I am a firm believer of changing routines around to keep the unit guessing.Most of my PE to this point has been manual stretching and jelqing. I feel we all can gain for a couple of years using these methods alone. Length seems to be easier for me than girth up until now. I think most of us that start with small girth to begin with have the most trouble gaining girth with manual methods.

I am a firm believer in stretching daily if possible. I do v-stretches mostly, but add in SO and BTC manual stretches sometimes. I also like doing “helicopter” stretches at the end of the routine. I don’t use heat much, but I probably should. It seems that privacy / the ability to train is what holds most of us back from getting the gains we want. Probably 90% of the members here want to be dedicated, but have wives, families, roommates, and other situations that do not allow the time needed to make consistent gains past the newbie gains most of us see at first. My situation is in the 90% category. I work for a company that requires me to travel and live in hotels most of the year. It seems I always have a roommate sharing a room with me, so stealth PE is a must. Usually I wait until my roommate goes to sleep, and I stretch, squeeze, and jelq under the covers as long as he is snoring.

Because of this lifestyle, I seem to have found a routine that works well for PE, especially girth training. Weekends usually allow me 3 days of privacy to train, and then I take 2 days off. Stretching is still possible every day under the covers, and girth training is done when I have privacy on the weekends. The rest seems to work for girth training. Wad always thought girth should be done every-other-day, and I believe him now. I started out with a small 4.25” girth, and now am close to 4.75 mid-shaft. Luckily, I have a mushroom head that has increased from 4.5” to a solid 5” consistently. This growth is definitely a result of jelqing and manual squeezes. I have recently added pumping to my 3-day weekend routines, and I am thrilled with the results so far. I messed around with pumping a year or so ago, but didn’t do it enough to see anything. I pump on day 1, and day 3, then take at least 2 days off. Then I try to sneak in a few sessions during the week I’m in the hotel with my roommate to keep things going. I think this infrequent girth work is the way to go.

As far as length work goes, I’m happy with the progress so far. At 7.25 BPEL now, I feel I can easily get to 8” but will probably need to start hanging. I want to start hanging seriously to see what can be achieved, but don’t have the privacy at this time. I’m considering taking some time off just to dedicate myself to hanging-maybe a year or so. Finances are fine, so it wouldn’t hurt me money-wise. I would love to do a BIB-like hanging routine for a year and document every step of the journey here on the forum so we could all learn from the experience.

I also wanted to mention what PE has done for my flaccid hang. Before PE, my flaccid dick was exactly the same as Big Girtha describes in his posts. Just a little skinny turtled nub that poked strait out about an inch most of the time. I have to admit, this has been the best “benefit” of PE so far. Even more than the BPEL gains. Most mornings I wake up with a 5-6” flaccid hang, which still amazes me when I run to the mirror every morning. It never gets smaller than about 4” ever! I have no doubt in my mind the biggest help for my new flaccid hang has been from doing fowfers religiously at night while sleeping. Unless I get hammered and pass out, I always tuck it between the legs in an extended state, and keep it there ALL night, every night. It definitely works. At least for the first half-hour in the morning it makes you look like a massive shower. If you pumped the night before, it’s fat as hell too!

My advice to the guys just getting into this hobby would be this. There are a lot of bullshit artists out there that will give you false hopes about this self-help endeavor we are involved in. Chances are, if you are looking for fast results, you might be disappointed. After you get the newbie gains, the results are very slow coming for most of us, but they do come if you are consistent and learn from the vets collected wisdom. I was very skeptical at first, but I was so desperate for a bigger dick, I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. The more you learn, the more confident you become that you can reach whatever goal you want for yourself. Even if you never gain one millimeter from PE, learning what the REAL average size is, plus the increased EQ PE gives you, this forum is worth its weight in gold. This forum has also helped me understand dick size is not as important as I thought it was. I’ve only gained 1” in actual growth, but I think I’ve gained 3” in mental growth from other info this forum gives us.

Hope this post helps motivate someone that might be demotivated for whatever reason.

Props Man!! Keep up the hard work! Get it? Keep it up haha

Starting: (15X11.2 cm)(EV:9.13ci) Current: (17.5 X 11.9cm)(EV:12.07ci) Future: LONG AND THICK

Short term goal: (18.1X12.2cm)(EV:13.08ci) Long term goal: 22X16 cm EV: 26.31ci

All measurements are BPEL and Average girth (top shaft erect, mid shaft erect, and base erect) Journey Began on 1-20-10 Target date: 8-30-13

Very motivational and you have a very articulate way of expressing yourself. Good good stuff man.

There's no Replacement for Displacement!

Nice work! Congrats!

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

Hello ginzo41. I have been lurking on this site for about a year and this is actually my first post. I see now that patience is the only way to go, thanks.

Nice work! Congrats!


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