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Finally I gained

Finally I gained

Wow my cock is changing!!
I beagun PE in June (bone pressed erect length: 6.8, sometimes 6.9 inches) doing 10 min jelq every day but after a month and 1/2 I was really disappointed because I hadn’t seen any gains. So I began a new, softer routine, doing 10 min jelq one day on, one day off.
Well two days ago, just because I hadn’t anything to do, I took my ruler and measured my erection.. It was over 7! Today I have measured it more seriously: 7.1, perhaps a little more. That’s 18.2 cm! If I can reach 18 cm non bone pressed I’m the happiest man in the world! Girth hasn’t changed, but 5.5 inches is OK for me.

I was very skeptic, but when I causally measured my shaft, without any hope, I discovered it had grown! I know that 0.2 inches (or a little more) in three months is not a great growing, but I assure that the difference is clear! I can’t imagine the emotion of those who gained 1 inch in one month.. They’re god blessed!

I have a question for you guys: do you think I should continue with 10 min jelq one day on one day off? If I do jelq every day I feel my cock a little sore. Perhaps I need some rest between sessions..

However this method is working, slowly, but it’s working! I love it thanks

Originally Posted by spike6
I have a question for you guys: do you think I should continue with 10 min jelq one day on one day off? If I do jelq every day I feel my cock a little sore. Perhaps I need some rest between sessions..

However this method is working, slowly, but it’s working! I love it thanks

Of course continue with what you are doing, the gain rate you report is quite respectable. Stick with what is working is all around good advice. :up:

Well done spike6, the persistence will pay of, but listen to your dick, if it feels sore have a rest day; learn how your cock reacts in the long term and you will do well..:up:

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That’s awesome man!! I remember when I saw my first noticable gain.

I was so excited that I wanted to call in sick from work and masturbate
All day long!

Before PE: BPEL 6.5" X EG 4.75" Presently: BPEL 7.5" X EG 5.5" ULTIMATE GOAL: BPEL 8.25" X 6.25"


I notice that you don’t mention any stretching. If you are not doing any manual stretches, I would definitely add some.

I am a big believer in days off. Just like in other excersizes, your body actually repairs itself during your rest periods, not during the excersize. Most trainers will tell you it takes at least 2 days for a muscle to restore itself, sometimes 3.

Congratulations on the gains, spike6! Almost ΒΌ” in 3 months is excellent! If your routine seems to be working, stick with it!


Thanks a lot all of you Friends!!
Personally I think that 10 minutes is the best, for me. Perhaps I can add a couple of minutes, but if I were doing, let say, 20 or 30 minutes, I think I would hurt myself. I will keep the routine one day on/one day off, but I’ll try to force a little more the stretch.

Now I know how much patience you need to see the difference. Probably I should resist and try not to measure my banana for at least 2 months. This is the right interval for gain report. That’s why most of us doing PE stops so early: after one month one would like to see the difference..
The only way is: not to give a damn. I had almost forgotten why I was doing PE, but I continued to do it. I thought it was good for my penis health, but I was no more hoping of gaining length. But finally.. Surprise!

It would seem to me that your gains are a result of the efforts you put in months ago and not a result of recent changes to the routine. Your minimal efforts in the present has resulted in restoration of health to your member. When stress is taken away from the appendage the result is a healthier and more robust erection, blood circulation improves and erectile mechanisms are functioning at optimum capacity. A stressed penis is not a happy penis and therefore cannot rise to its blooming best. In PE all we do is stress the “fella,” when the stress is alleviated the penis can blossom.

In my opinion, to continue with this weak routine will not result in further gains but only a plateau. You are better off to continue what you were doing back in June than the wimpy level of last week.

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Thanks for the reply Shilow, but I disagree with you. Two or three months ago I had perfect erections but never touched 7 inches. Now I’m over 7 without great effort, also without perfect erections. Last day I was a little shocked by the surprise.. Before this change, when I read about boys that were enthusiast of o,2 or 0,3 inches gains they had made, I didn’t understand. How could they have been able to measure such a little difference? Now I know what’s the difference.

When I measured my cock this morning I hadn’t a great erection but was 7.1, without cheating. So you see that the erection quality isn’t the cause of my little-big gain.

The second thing is: I don’t take inch measures, but centimeter measures. Between 17.5 cm and 18.1 cm there’s some difference, according to me..

It’ s not my illusion, sorry.

Other replies are welcomed!

Congratulations spike! I felt the same way when I heard about people gaining fractions of an inch, I thought “what’s the big deal?” Well I also now realize what a difference it could make. I just have a small suggestion though.. Maybe try eventually doing 2 days on/1 day off, as the newbie routine suggests. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I do not feel very sore at all.

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Oops I made a mistake..
Finally an hour ago I achieved a hard erection and I measured.. 18,3 cm!!
In fact, as I said you, this morning I hadn’t obtained a great erection, but this afternoon.. Yes!
So I can say that my REAL gain in BPEL is 0.7-0.8 cm. That’s 0.3 inch.
I’m so satisfied!
Shilow is right when he says that the quality of the erection is important. But my cock looks bigger, independently from the erection hardness. Non bone pressed erect length is 17.5 cm.. Two months ago it was my BPEL!
The goal is 7.5 BPEL. Now I think I can do it, with some patience.

For DaPenisMightier: for the moment I keep my soft routine, because it proved effective. However thanks for your advice. Bye


I’ve only been doing my routine for about 3 weeks and already am showing some gains in length. Amazing. I’ll put up a crowing post in a month if this keeps up.

Cograts spike6!

Anyway to answer your question, YES keep it, it works for you.



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

Nice going! Take it slow, don’t rush it, don’t overdo it, be persistent and gains will come to you :) .

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