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Finally girth gains!!


I’m a really quick healer naturally and I’m taking some supplements so maybe that is why I’m seeing gains

Congrats man.

@bigdick1 thanks. I hope I keep growing.

Originally Posted by Gettinbig4me

I do about 50 dry jelqs 5-10 stretches each direction hold 30 secs, about 200 wet jelq with replacing other hand before you let go, 20 ulis I think they are called(the one that squeeze bottom then other hand squeeze bottom and bring blood to head) I bend penis while doing this. Normally 2 or 3 days on 2 off.

What exactly is a uli? I’ve always heard it but never seen it explained. What does it do?

Im going to try all the girth exercises today for a test run. I always hear people talking about ” I 440 squeezes and I was half an inch thicker mid workout!”. Like I feel like that crap never happens. If anybody could direct me to ULI and 440 or any other girh thing I’ll be happy.

I forget which is which but do both where u hold at the base then with other hand grand right above base grip and jelq the pressure up to the head while hold the base. The other workout is hold the base then grab right below head and meet your two hands in the middle. I bend my dick up and down and side to side.

I feel like girth gains are making my length barely go down. I’m gonna think about starting to hang. Any advice for a newbie hanger?


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