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Finally getting started seriously

Finally getting started seriously

I’ve been a PE-er kinda half-assed for 3 years now and finally decided to get serious about it. I’m not hip to all the acronyms here in the forums so correct me if I need to use different ones. I started a PE Progress chart for myself. Every time I update it it posts the updates to it online.. If anyone cares to follow and track my progress. I plan on logging my routine week by week as well:

Cool. I assume your doing the newbie routine?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I too have just started P.E. (Found this site on the 16th of May). I wish you the best of luck! :)

Singe, your routine sounds a bit confused to me. Not saying it can’t give results or anything, but consider doing less exercises. Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to mix more than 2 exercises at the same time (left out Kegel’s). If you think hanging is the way to go, cut 30 minutes (that’s a lot, really) manual stretching.

You can start your progress log on here, uploading the .xls file.

Great advice

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been doing it on and off, not very seriously for a few years. I don’t seem to gain much if I do less than 200 - 300 Jelqs. I just recently started hanging, if 60 minutes is too much then I’ll cut back to 30 but I still want to do the manual stretches so I can hit all the angles. Does that sound like it could work?


It sounds like too much work (and time consuming) to me. Ok on jelqs, but I think you should make a choice between hanging and stretching. Clamping has little point made in that way too. Of course these are just my personal opinions, if you are sure it is going to work for you than go ahead.

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