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Finally getting into PE. WhenWhere to do the excercises

Finally getting into PE. WhenWhere to do the excercises

I’m currently doing the newbie routine, and plan to do this until the 1st of the year. I’ll then decide where to go from there based on my results.

My problem is I’m trying to find time to do the exercises. I live with my girlfriend, and have been for the last 5-6 years. We have the same schedules, because we run our own business. So it’s been a real struggle for me to find the time. If I cannot devote the correct amount of time, I just won’t do the exercises for the day. It seems pointless to do anything less than 100%.

As many of you can understand, I’m trying to do this in private without letting my girlfriend know about it. This is something I need to do for myself, and I’m not comfortable discussing it with her. She’d probably assume it was something wrong with her, and wouldn’t understand why I feel the need to do this. The last thing I want to do is fill her head with all kinds of nonsense.

What do you guys recommend? How do you guys make the time?

Overall it’s been working out great. The first 2 weeks resulted in better overall erections, and insane morning/night erections. I had to stop for a little over a week because we went on vacation, but I got back into it when we returned. I’m sure it’s just a psychological thing, but sex has been more enjoyable for the both of us. I look forward to getting more into PE over the next few weeks.

I do my exercises everywhere. At home at the toilet, at work at the toilet, airport toilet when I am travelling, hotel rooms when I stay over. It is possible to fit this in if you make it to a routine but really, I think you should raise the topic in a diplomatic way with your girlfriend. My wife completely understood that this has much more to do with my ego that her vagina. She even supports me in my PE…hm…wonder why :p .

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Hi Corvo.

It isn’t absolutely necessary to do everything at one ‘sitting’ But doing something everyday will tend to keep the small gains you make each time you do a full session. Otherwise it just slips back to the starting position again.

Do what you can, when you can; is better than doing nothing.


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You could always break up with your girlfriend and let your business go to ruin in order to get a full session in.;)

To be honest, better quality erections and better penile health are the best part of PE in my opinion, so ask your girlfriend if she has noticed this. And then tell her you are doing some sexual health exercises. Shouldn’t all men? PE is just unleashing your natural size! :)

My concern is not being able to apply heat before and after workouts. I’m trying to start very slow to learn what I can get away with. Will I see more gains with heat, than without?

I’ll try to figure out how to break it up in smaller routines.

As for talking with my girlfriend about it, I don’t think I could. It sounds like I’ll eventually have to tell her when she notices things have changed. :)

I tend to run short on time too so the shower is a good place for me to get in 5 minutes of jelqing. If you sit at a desk with any privacy, you might try fowfers for flaccid hand.

In regards to your warming up issue, you might look at my solution here: Cock sock - This can be fairly discrete if you use the right amount of rice and wear it in your underwear before you PE.

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