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Finally gaining again

Finally gaining again

I’ve made some decent gains over the years, but stalled for awhile. I realized that I’m gaining last night in a good way. I was having some fun time with my wife and went to put on a condom. I realized I was out of my regular stash so I dug a little deeper for some older ones. I had ordered some snugger fit condoms about a year or so ago, because I wanted to try something that didn’t slip so much. I had a couple of different kinds, one of which was the Iron Grip brand. At that time they fit pretty well. They weren’t lose by any means, but I’d say they fit about perfect. Fast forward to last night… I grabbed one of the Iron Grips out and pulled it out of the package. At this point I was only about 75% erect, and could barely get the thing rolled on. I really had to kegel and clamp down to get him hard enough to force it on. Once he was at 100% I realized just how damn tight the thing was now. I was kind of giggly, but ready for business. So, we continued and I lasted quite a long time (much better than usual). After I finally finished and got up to clean up I realized that the condom had rolled back up and was only about half way on now, and was still squeezing the crap out of my dick. It was actually kind of uncomfortable, but damn it felt pretty good to be just about splitting the thing. I made a joke to my wife about it, and she asked if he’d been working out. I just played it off.

All in all, I’m glad to say that snugger fit condoms are now definitely too small for me. Onward and upward to Magnums.

Glad for you. Maybe you could be more extensive about what you did/changed to start gaining again?

I changed up and started using my extender as much as possible. Still not as consistent as I’d like, but trying to wear it at least a few days a week and at least a few hours each day. Some days I get up to as much as 6 hours in the extender. I’ve also been trying to use my Bathmate to warm up with a short pump while in the shower before putting the extender on. Occasionally I’ll do a short pump after extending also. All in all, I’d say that I’ve just been doing more lately, but I think the extender has helped in ways that I did not expect. I really never expected to put on any girth with the extender, but I seem to have gained an 1/8” or so in girth in the last month since using the extender more regularly. I’ve also gained a little less than 1/4” in BPEL in the last month. I’m going to try to keep using the extender as much as possible. I also always supplement with manual exercises throughout the day to keep things stretched out as much as possible. I’ve been taking weekends off (less privacy) and that may actually be helping too.

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