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Finally (apparently) seeing small gains

Finally (apparently) seeing small gains

Since starting PEing a month ago or so, I haven’t actually noticed any gains, until today. Maybe I’m not that observant (OK, to be honest, I’m not terribly observant at all), but earlier today while I was giving myself an erection (just because I felt like it), it seemed as if my semi-erect length was longer than it has previously been. Is this normal? Should I be experiencing semi-erect length gains first, rather than purely flaccid or erect gains? (Just for the record, I’m still the same flaccid/erect length as I always was - or at least, my flaccid/erect lengths don’t seem any different to me than they always were. Hmm, should I put those flaccid/erect measurements in my signature?)

Being a newbie to PE, I still don’t know quite what to make of these situations, and I still don’t know about how or when my gains will happen - but I’m hoping that this is a start, and that there’s nothing wrong with experiencing semi-erect gains first, rather than anything else.

Sounds like something is changing.

You said your flaccid and erect lengths don’t “seem” any different. Are you measuring? When you handle your dick as often as we do for PE, it’s easy to not notice, either visibly or by feel, that it has grown a bit. Trust the ruler and tape.

My flaccid and erect lengths have not changed. I measured this morning. Only my semi-erect length seems to be changing lately. Maybe it’s the prelude to erect gains, I don’t know.

Penile gains are so hard to eye especially in the beginning, after all we are talking fractions of inches here, and when you are standing holding your dick its hard to judge a 1/8”, ya know?

Isnt’ THAT the truth. Mrs RBM is a better judge, and I don’t mean by looking. :)

Seriously, there’s no substitute for a ruler and a VERIFED cloth tape measure. (Watch those cloth tape measures for measuring girth, some of them are off by as much as 1/4 inch.) At the very least, make sure you use the same tape every time. Can you imagine using 2 different cloth tape measures that are different? It would drive you crazy. ;)

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