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Final Warm up question

Final Warm up question

Sorry for these questions but this my final one because I’m sure I’m using the rice sock method because I read that it and IR Lamp are more effective than wrapping anyways for rice sock do I lay it on the top of my penis or do I wrap the sock around so the whole penis gets warm? Also can I use the same rice for more than 1 session like 2-4

You should wrap your entire penis to warm all the tissue within. And you should be good to use the rice forever

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Awesome! I was worried about having to use more and buy more rice

This has become a lifestyle for me

If your rice sock starts to smell, change the rice. It’s only likely to happen if the rice gets wet. Also, you may wish to wash the sock occasionally! If the sock is one of a pair, and the other hasn’t been eaten by the washing machine, you can just transfer the rice!

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