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Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks

This should be quick - can someone tell me what these mean?

BPEL ________
MSEG ________
Fg Flacid Girth?
Bpfsl _________
Eg Erect Girth?
Bpel _________
NBPEL ___________

bone pressed erect length , medium erect girth something, bone pressed flaccid stretch length

12.2009 - BP 6 x 4.7 :cutlass: Goal - BP 7 x 5.1

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BPEL= Bone Pressed Erect Length

MSEG= Mid Shaft Erect Girth

Fg = Flaccid Girth

Bpfsl = Bone pressed flaccid stretched length

Eg = Erect Girth

Bpel = Bone pressed erect length

NBPEL = None Bone Pressed Erect Length

What does “Bone Pressed” mean?


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