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Figuring out heat.

Figuring out heat.

I warm up and warm down with a rice sock and find it extremely beneficial for getting good expansion and letting myself recover. I’ve found that after an extended session a disposable hand warmer packet fits nicely into my underwear (have to wear pouch-front undies to keep everything in place) and works WONDERS for recovery. Any discoloration or swelling disappears readily and I NEVER experience turtling anymore. Just a phenomenal flaccid. Worth the 50 cents IMO.

I might have to try the disposable hand warmer one day. See how that effects my flaccid hang throughout the day. Maybe it will help with discoloration too, my penis has gotten extremely dark since starting PE

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I have been using them also with similar results. However I can’t seem to find them anymore as they are a winter seasonal item. Where do you get them in spring/summer/early fall?

Yeah, I’m running into a similar situation. My local hardware store seems to have a good supply for now. I’m sure an outfitter’s shop would carry them year round.

The air-activated ones are great but if you’re having problems finding them year-round, give the sodium acetate gel ones a shot.

They are reusable - just boil them in water for about 10 minutes to recharge then whenever you need to activate them, you just ‘click’ the disc of metal inside et voila!


Try amazon, look up “Hot Hands.” They have boxes of 40 pairs starting at $30. Year round.

They also have several different brands you can look at that are a bit cheaper but hot hands are a good starting point.

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