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Few questions

Few questions

I did my first PE excercises today, before I found this website. The routine that I found is pretty similar to the newbie ones, except it’s 5 5 minute stretches, instead of the 30 second ones. So, first off, should I start with the 30 second stretches and then slowly build up? Or would I be ok continuing with the longer ones?

Also, I noticed after I was done there were little red specks, sort of like I burst a few small blood vessels. Is that normal? Or is that just a sign that I was pulling way too hard?

Thanks for the help.

Hi there

Welcome to Thunderville, its a great little community where we all share the same interest.

Five minute stretches??? I do Physical Therapy for a living, I don’t stretch anything that long, to much chance of injury. Start with the newbie routine and follow it faithfully for at least one month, maybe more before you increase anything. I would start with 30 second stretches and build up to a couple of minutes, no more than say 3 minutes.

The red specks are fairly common place, unless they get bigger or you have pain (god forbid) then you should be alright. Pain and PE are not compatible, remember that. Do watch the pressure you use on stretches, you want to feel a pull yes, you do not want to feel something like tearing, or a searing pain. That is bad. When you add jelq’s to the routine it is important to keep the erection level between 50 and 70 % and don’t put to much pressure or you could possibly, maybe injure the nerve that runs along the top of the penis.

Once again, welcome to Thunders.

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Alright, thanks. Yea, now that I think about it, 5 minute stretches is quite long for anything.

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