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Few Questions

Few Questions

Hi, I have just came across thunders place just 5 days ago and started PE just 3 days ago. I have just have some questions on my routine and some other things.

First I do a 3minute warm up, do what I believe is to be a helicopter stretch and other various stretches in different directions holding it for 30seconds, I then jelq 200 reps (100 overhand 100 under) I edge sometimes, than a warm down for 3minutes.

1: when I do stretching is there a certain spot in which to grab my unit, I grab it right before the head but I was wounding if this might be bad for glands and if I should lower it some?

2: sometimes I will be sitting around and fell like stretching without doing any warm up of some sort is this bad or can I get away with it?

3:if I am ever to go over the edge when finishing up a session is this bad?

4: I am seeing some so blood vessels or veins turn very red and look a little bloody is this bad or to be expected? It usually goes away a half-hour afterwards.

5. And does anyone think this might be to much for a newbie, I don’t usually feel to soar afterwards.

Comments, thoughts?

Thanks, 2b

1. Generally, people grab below the glans. Especially if they’re uncircumcised. Learn about your anatomy, and be sure not to put unnecessary pressure on the Dorsal Nerve.

2. Yeah, that’s fine. Make a habit of it! But when you’re doing full, intense sessions, be sure to warm-up.

3. That certainly won’t stop you from gaining!

4. Do a search on “red spots”— They’re common. If that’s what you’re experiencing..

5. Doesn’t seem like too much to me. Just listen to your body’s warning signs. If it’s screaming “TOO MUCH!” you ought to listen ;)


Hey 2B,

Welcome to the forum.

That routine sounds fine for a newbie, but like ME said, make sure you and your penis are on the same page. You will know that you are overdoing things if you pay attention to the state of your dick. For stretches, grab your penis about an inch below the glans (head). Try not to squeeze or pull too hard. It is easy to do damage to the nerves in there. The redness is normal, as in a lot of guys get it, but not all. And since you are new we will let you slide for question number 3. Just hide when you hear westla coming….what was that? :spy: OK, I’m outta here.


Thanks alot guys

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