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Few questions from a newbie.

Few questions from a newbie.

Hello again! Few questions for you guys.
1. The order of exercises is important? I mean can I do the jelqing first and then the stretching or should I begin with the stretching exercises?
2. Can I separate the exercises? Like doing the stretch exercises in the morning and the jelqing in the evening ( or a few hours later )?
3. How important is the 1 day off? Is it really necessary or can I do this exercises every day?

I know that 3 questions is a little more for only one thread but I Would appreciate your answer because I am new here and I want to know exactly how should I do this correct!

1. Newbie routine. I don’t think the order of exercises matters much. Probably best idea is to follow a Newbie routine for two or three months and then make your variations.

2. See 1.

3. See Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!. Observe your erection quality and if it decreases you need to take a break and/or lighten the intensity. Some (majority I think) think that rest is crucial and less is more etc..

4. (Early) Metallica rocks. :D

5. Good luck.

Thanks for your answer! I can see from your avatar that you like Led Zeppelin too! \M/

Good luck to you too!

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