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Few questions about PE

Few questions about PE

Hi guys!

At first I’d like to state that I appreciate all answers and I’ve also used the search button a lot but I still have few questions I’d like to get an answer for.

Some background before the questions:

My problem is quite simple. My dick sucks. I’m only 5.5” inches BPEL and very sad 2” inches flaccid. I’ve received a lot of comments about my small size (sex partners (one girl actually called me “mr. Supersmall” (not in a hostile way but disappointed!) and between lines from friends in sauna) and my self-esteem isn’t that great but I’ve succeeded on other areas of life, which is compensating. My GF was a virgin when I met her so she hasn’t been complaining much but sometimes I feel that she isn’t enough “filled” with my dick.

So here are the questions

1) Does PE work for young guys in large gains (I’m 21) and is there any statistical information of average growths for guys between 20-25? I do believe PE is working (although I’m a bit skeptic towards gains over 1” inch) but I am concerned if most of the gains come for guys that are older as they are “regaining” their lost lenght/girth.

I’d like to gain 2” inches lenght (which would make me average of 7.5” BPEL) until 12.10.2013. Is this a realistic goal for me? I haven’t done PE before. I also dream that I could be one day 8x6, but I guess that’s a bit far-fetched? Honestly I think I would be satisfied with NBEL 6.5” inches, which would be 1.5” inches gain.

2) I’m currently following the newbie routine and my EQ has lowered a bit. Is this normal? Done 5 excercises so far. EQ is ok but not as good as before I started PE. I’ve noticed also that it’s quite hard for me to cum but I’m not sure if that’s side effect of my paroxetine medicine or PE.

Also my dick has been a bit “sore” on the first days but it isn’t actively hurting. It just feels like stretched. How do I know the difference between pain and sore?

I also do apologize for my English skills, I’m not a native.

Almost nothing is far-fetched with dedication and time. I put on good size relatively quickly using a mixed-methods approach. I haven’t measured in a while but I took an unplanned de-conditioning break due to life’s demands and lost time. I expect to continue to grow to a degree with my current approach.

Bottom line, 1” is totally doable for you. Keep following the newbie routine and slowly expand (haha) off of that. A tired or sore sensation is common. Keep your eye on these things (negative PI’s) and adjust your frequency and intensity in response.

Best of luck, dude!

2/11/11: 7.75" BPEL, 6" BSEG, 5.5" MSEG

6/4/11: 8.4" BPEL, 6.375" BSEG, 5.8" MSEG

Just started again, another new measurement coming soon; I'm pretty close to that June '11 though.

I can tell you from personal experience with paroxetine or seroxat/aropax/paxil as it’s also known as, was a libido killer and I could have sex for 2- 4 hours straight without cumming. Because of it’s ‘side-effects’ it’s used as a treatment for premature ejaculation, the doctor should have informed you about that, my doctor did not do so and I found out when we started talking about women and sex several months after. Long time since you started with that, pardon my french, rat-poison?
Not even my words originally but some doc’s who has written a book comparing it to rat-poison. Do your self a favor, talk to your doc and get off of that poison, a guy in prison of all things actually warned me about those pills when I was in my early twenties a warning I wish I had taken because going off them was pure hell when quitting them a year to two later, I have a personal hate for doc’s prescribing that libido killing, alter your mind, happier than everyone else, acting out happy times fucking pills. The anxiety I got from them when quitting is a anxiety I still battle to this day and when being on them, again talking from personal experience and knowing way to many people using them, I changed my personality to a ice cold psycho, not worth the risk at all. Can’t believe they still give out that shit when there is new shit that does not give as bad side effects, when drinking on those I could become a bed wetter due to the intense sleeping effect they had on me, not cool dude, not cool.

EDIT:I’m not trying to over dramatize this, if anything I went on a mild ramble here. At the end of the day I could kill every fucking glorified drug dealer out there, all they do is experiment to make more money for the big brands manufacturing their shit! Just think about it.

1) I’m 21 too, I’ve gained just over .7” in 6months. I think aiming for an inch in a year is very obtainable,

2) My EQ decreased but i still gained, took a 1week break after like 6weeks and my EQ went back up, so I guess I was overdoing it a bit?

Hope this helps, goodluck bro,

Start - BPEL 16.9cm (6.65") - MSEG 12.4cm (4.88")

Now - BPEL 18.8cm (7.40") - MSEG 12.9cm (5.07")

LONG Term Goal - BPEL 20.5 (8.07") - MSEG 14.6 (5.74")

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