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Few Kegel'ing Questions

Few Kegel'ing Questions

Hello all, I have a few questions about kegeling. I hope someone can give me some answers :P

Is there any use of using kegels, the contraction itself during sex? I know I auto kegel without wanting to during sex, I’m just wondering if we should make the contractions on purpose or we should just let it contract whenever it feels the need to.

And yes my question is related to premature ejaculation, I been performing fast kegels for quite some time and I guess is just too little time to take some effect because I haven’t seen much progress.

My other question would be concerning Slow Kegels, the point of this exactly is??
I feel that my contractions to stop from ejaculating are not strong enough because when I get to the point of no return, I try to contract but that contraction does not last long, leading in a rather bothering ejaculation.

.. Therefore I want to ask if I should perform Slow Kegels rather than Fast ones.

And my last question. How to improve my timing with slow kegels because I know I can contract 3-4 seconds easily, but when trying a 7-10second when it comes to releasing the contraction I don’t feel the contraction going back.

Well, this is all I hope It’s not of much bothering and that my english is ok, been only practicing it for 3 years.
Thanks for all your help.


Kegels are very good for penile health, but using them during sex requires some knowledge and training.
I’m not an expert in that field, but I know that kegeling during sex makes me cum faster.

On the other hand, in theory I know that kegels are the key to becoming multiorgasmic, which means you can last as long as you want. But the key to this are slow and strong kegels.

I would suggest you search on multiorgasmic, or better yet check out cheeva’s “dick control a primer” thread - it is the best info I read yet.

First, I advise you to read all threads on this topic.

Personally, during sex or masturbation I find kegel contractions are responsible to reduce my resistance before ejaculation, unlike reverse kegels (exactly contraction’s opposite, when the muscle is released), who let me to control myself in order to last a bit longer, instead.
In the meantime, waiting for this muscle’s training, you may follow other methods to delay premature ejaculation, e.g. pressing under the gland or under the base of the penis near the perineum, for the erection subsiding.

Regarding the duration you likely have to practice this exercise for a certain time to easily keep contraction for several seconds.

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Thx for the advices, specially chiken. I didn’t know where to look for that info, gave me a good read so I can try new things to help with my problems.


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