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Fellas with discoloration I have found the answer

Thanks Lampwick for the link.

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Information on Diprosalic:…/100000808.html

Actually I am getting the exact side effect that is being describe.

God I wish I read that article before applying it to my skin. Silly me.

I think I will carry on using a moisturizer for now, so that I do not experience any more peeling of the skin.

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Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler
I am a clamper and suffered from some discoloration which didn’t seem to be lightening up until I found an OTC lotion that pretty much has lightened me up within about a 2 week period with 2* a day applications. The name of the lotions is Amlactin Moisturizing Body lotion. This lotion is a lactic acid lotion which acts as a humectant which naturally exfoliates and softens rough dry skin.

At first I was a little skeptical of what I was seeing but after the clamp line where my dick meets my pubic bone has just about disappeared I am a believer. I found the lotion at CVS and it’s about 14.99 for a 8 ounce bottle.

I hope this can be a better solution than using chemical peels to get people dicks back to the same color. If you do plan on using it please keep this thread updated with your progress. Thanks

How bad your discolouration exactly before you started using this stuff. Was it permanent dark discolouration?

I have a significant amount of discolouration. I just received my order of this stuff actually so we’ll see how it works.

It was bad it was so bad I am already brown skinned and you could see by my clamp line that I was clearly doing something I shouldn’t be doing. I want to say I was prolly about 5-6 shades darker than my skin tone. After 3-4 weeks of using the cream the clamp line has disappeared and it’s about 2 shades darker than me.

Fuck, that’s amazing.

I would be SO glad if it worked that well for me.

Will report back in two weeks, lol.

How are things going?

Mick & DD,

I’d love to hear how things are progressing with removing discoloration with this lotion. Also, is anyone aware of an off-brand/generic brand of the same thing? I’d like to try and find something a bit less expensive if possible.

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I am still lightening up things have slowed down but my dick is getting back to normal

AmLactin is also another suggestion for restoring sensitivity to the glans and smoothening over those rough edges.


Thanks for the input, Bugs. I’m really looking forward to trying this stuff. I’ll keep everyone updated, as well. Sounds promising.

"This is my boomstick!"

Originally Posted by Bugs Bunny
AmLactin is also another suggestion for restoring sensitivity to the glans and smoothening over those rough edges.

This is true my dick as a whole feels smoother but be careful if you are uncut using this lotion on your glans it will make your foreskin peel/shed especially where you get the red dots from clamping I guess it’s from being closed up all day but that is my experience.

Amalactin's working for me too

My discoloration is from pumping twice a week. I was beginning to think it was never going to go away until I found this post. When right out and bought the AmLactin cream ($24). Shake it real well and apply liberally. Rub it in until it’s clear. I can even pump with it. Only one week and I’m seeing great improvement! Good find!

Any alpha or beta hydroxy acids (salicyclic acid, lactic acid, etc) are great for softening the skin. Even acetic acid (vinegar) is great, but it smells. I made a post on vinegar a while back. Definitely keep the acid you are using away from the tip of the penis! It won’t cause damage but will burn. I would recommend products with salicylic acids over other acids because it is lipid soluble and may penetrate deeper than the other water soluble acids. I really don’t know how much it matters though.

I’m a PA in dermatology, but don’t have alot of people coming in with PE induced hyperpigmentation issues. I would certainly recommend AmLactin or a salicyclic acid topical if they did. I don’t even know if the acids can actually help all that much as the discoloration is in the dermis and not the epidermis, which is what the lotions and acids predominantly affect, but they do make your skin nice and soft and may stimulate the dermis to speed up operations and increase blood flow. I’ve had some clamping induced pigmentation myself and the best thing to do is just stop clamping and it should go away on it’s own. It may take several months but topicals may speed the process a bit. It really isn’t possible to prevent or minimize the hyperpigmentation if you are actively clamping. The high pressure in your vessels causes leaking and deposition of hemosiderin, which takes some time to be processed away.

Also, someone mentioned using steroids…

Diprosalic contains betamethasone dipropionate which is a VERY potented steroid. This should not be used on your penis, scrotum, or groin unless specifically directed by a healthcare practicioner. Side effects of inapproriate use can lead to permanent atrophy of the skin. Generally, only low potency steroids are used on the genitals.

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Anyone know where to find Amlactin in Canada?

I don’t like ordering online.


You know what guys, I am a retired PE’r for about 2 years and my discoloration never went away. My discoloration is very dark. I too may try the stuff.

I just picked up 14.1 oz of AmLactin. Gonna try it out until I finish the bottle. My penis has gotten darker ever since I started clamping. I took a few weeks off and saw no improvement.

I should take before and after pics but my wife is around too much.


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