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Feeling you get while hanging

Feeling you get while hanging

Hi guys! Was wondering if someone could tell me the pro’s and con’s of the feelings you get while hanging, I am hanging right now with a water jug like 4 pounds while sitting in a chair, Feelings huge stretch in ligaments, But what is the feelings you get that are to much? What do you want to aim for? What feelings? And what is fatigue supposed to feel like? Thanks!

What kind of hanger are you using? Be descriptive if you built it yourself.

And how long have you been hanging?

BPEl: 8.25" Gl: 5.2" Goal: El: 9" Gl: 7 Some New pics/Starter Clamping Pics

Just started hanging today, and I got the bib starter thing for newbies, the one they recommend for newbies. Thanks!

I’m new here too but I have done a lot of searching and reading(which is probably what you should do) but as long as the fatigue is there and you are gaining, do not move to a heavier weight.

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