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FEELING the Stretch

FEELING the Stretch

Why do I feel the stretch when I pull to the left but when I pull to the right I barley feel anything. I’ve really only just started to stretch again but when I pull to the left after a few days it’s really achey and tiring. I mean right from the first time I’d feel it really well but pulling to the right I barely feel anything.

I’ve noticed that happens to me too. It’s the left side that hurts me and that it the side with a large vein near the base. I actually bend a little toward the left. Perhaps those things are related.

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That is very interesting. Because it is my left side that tends to get sore and achy as well - soreness on the right is non-existent. Interesting goonbaby because I have an ever so slight curve to the right. But, I do have a large vein hugging the left side of my shaft.

Oh well.

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I could never feel a strong stretch when I pulled in any direction to tell you the truth. It feels the same in every direction. I don’t feel a particular stretch on the left, right, or middle. It feels a little different if I stretch it upwards though. When I do this I can feel it more on the underside of my dude. I always felt stretching for me was useless because I don’t seem to be feeling what everyone else is feeling. I think this is bad :(

I get more of a stretch to my left, as well. I’ve always assumed that it’s due to that lig being more stubborn than the right one. I curve slightly to the left, so I figured that and had something to do with it. Your masturbation hand and technique might also work to condition one lig more than the other over the years. I can imagine a scenario, for example, where masturbating right-handed would condition your left lig via regular, light tugs to the right over the years.

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