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feeling internal pain and not feeling "stretch" when stretching

feeling internal pain and not feeling "stretch" when stretching

hello guys,im having a problem with manual stretching,because when i do stretch(any direction),i hold my dick either midway of just behind the head(i have tried both),and what i feel is like if i were pinching an internal nerve,causing an internal pain,its worse when i stretch sideways(i use a strong grip),and i do not feel any type of stretch while doing it(but it works well when doing the rotating stretch),i have a foreskin and i retract it before pulling,bot i retract it only enough to discover the head,would i have to bring it ALL back?,bany advice?,thanks dudes

You should be able to feel your CC’s at the base of your unit when you pull him .

Seems your not paying enough attention to what a stretch feels like as you do them .

And I’d use less of a strong grip too .

If he feels like a nerve is being pinched , pay attention to what he’s telling you .

As far as retracting your foreskin , I’d say as long as you get his head exposed , go for it !

dooks out !!!

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