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Feeling during stretching

Feeling during stretching

Just wanted to check what you are supposed to feel during stretching? Do you feel a stretch in the sense that you feel your penis gets longer by pulling, or do you just put tension on the penis, without actually feeling a ‘stretch’? I hope my question is clear.

I’m raising the question, because I don’t really feel a real ‘stretch’ myself. My BPEL is exactly equal to my BPFSL. As I’m approaching the end of my 3 month newbie period, I’m evaluating my routine. So far I only gained 0,2 inch, probably just because of better EQ. After warm up, I currently do a total of 10min 5 direction stretches, 5min BTC stretches and 10min jelking. I also apply heat (rice sock) while stretching.


Your question seems quite clear to me. And my answer is: yes, I feel the stretching happening.

But I am doing Shazzan stretches. No big but important modifications to a “regular” stretch.
Whatever regular is…

So for each direction I do the following:

- Start the stretch slowly, building up tension for about 5 seconds. Don’t go to maximum force, no use to pull your dick out of your body and throw it in the bin.
- Hold the first stretch for about 10-15 seconds.
- Then slowly release the grip to zero force in 5 seconds.
- 5 sec break
- Take a deep breath, and while slowly exhaling, build up the next stretch. Your whole body (besides your arm) should now relax. You actually feel this stretch now goes further and the dick expands a little bit in length.
-Hold this stretch up to 10 seconds before the overall desired time ( in your case, 2 minutes)
- If you concentrate on breathing slowly and down to your belly, you can even relax tissues more while exhaling. Focus on it, it’s worth the try.
- Visualize your dick getting longer while stretching. Will not do harm, I am personally convinced it even helps. Our brain is a strange organ…
- very slowly release the tension force over the last seconds.

It certainly looks funny (at least my Madame says it does), because I get completely absorbed in the stretching. And I do the same concentration while jelqing. I’m all slow and smooth movements, as if I tried to enchant my own little Richard.

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Thanks Richard65 - I gave that a try, but I’m not feeling what you describe. On the other hand, if I measure my BPFSL immediately after stretching, it is 0.2 inch longer than when I measure it after 2 restdays (I only do PE on weekdays). So I guess that’s the ultimate indication that I’m doing it right?

Yep, the saying is that BPFSL gains often precede BPEL and NBPEL gains.

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

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