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Feeling after jelqing, newbie advice

Feeling after jelqing, newbie advice

How does yours feel after exercising, I am new and trying to get into this. I am roughly 5” EL but not really measure accurately. May even be a little less. The head does not naturally fill so much with 90% erection, I´m sure it used to in my teenage years, my penis is thinner towards the end also.

After a 20 minute jelqing exercise I get slight pains in my penis near the base, not really pains just something, I don’t think is too hard, I tend to stroke with both hands pushing blood towards then end and filling the head, my head balloons up, then deflates when I let go, is this jelqing? It try gripping like in the videos but I don’t think this is so effective for me.

What would be the best way to gain length primarily, but also make my penis fatter towards the end?

I am loosing confidence and find it very depressing sometimes when I look down, every penis I see always looks bigger, I have never seen one that looks my size, not that you get a good look..

Do you guys tell your girlfriends you do this?? I am very happy with my GF I don´t think she cares about size, but as she is older I for some reason worry about my size. Since every other one I see is bigger, I think her previous fellas must have been bigger and this does depress me to think I would be the smallest,, it’s probably stupid, I would love an extra inch and be a bit girthier I think it would do my confidence so much good.

Any one else start with a similar size to me? I would love to know what gains you have had and time scales, I will get committed to this when I get into this.

Thanks for listening to my first post.

Welcome Dworm. Yes, many of our members have your ‘Everybody else looks bigger’ issue - even some of those who are way above average.

I think you are doing it right, maybe just using too much pressure. Lighten up a bit, don’t push with both hands at the same time.

Are you doing stretches also? Those are good for length.

The glans is softer than the shaft, this is normal; most of members start noticing this fact when they start PE and believe they have ruined their penis, when, actually, it has always been that way. :)

Have I missed something? Oh right: good luck.

Don’t think you’re too small unless your girlfriend specifically tells you that, and she hasn’t, right? I used to think I had a small one but every girl that has seen it has told me it is big. So stop worrying, because you’ll invent yourself a new problem. Relax and stay focused, and quell the discouragement.

Due to the cruel angles that are formed by the physiological setup of the human male your penis will always look smaller to you than to everybody else.

It’s just a trick of perception. I put this in a post a year or two ago.

Stand in front of a mirror about 6 feet away.

One arm bent and just in front of your face holding your index finger downwards.

Now do the same with the other arm except that it is fully extended in front of you.

Now both fingers are the same size . But the furthest away from you will look bigger.

So that’s how you perceive others guy’s dicks and yours when in the shower room -

or elsewhere :D

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Thanks you guy you all really cheered me up, :)

Is there anything you can do during the night when you are sleeping to keep it stretched? Would this be a good idea at such an early stage.

My gf didn’t tell me nothing, I don’t think id stay with a girl who gave a negative comment about size.

I’ve completed 5 workouts, I’m struggling a bit with the jelqing though, I find it easier to use both hands thumb and forefingers, than making a ring, it seems this way my head swells more. It this benefiting the whole penis or just the head. I am taking the stretching a bit more seriously now, 30 seconds in all directions, every morning and every night.

I also wondered if not ejaculating would help, because of raised testosterone levels? What about taking aerobic excersise does this help?

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