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Feel the Clamp

Feel the Clamp

Well I’ve been clamping for about half a year.not a newbie just a lurker. :)

But anyways I always wondered whats it suppose to feel like while clamping? Do I feel the pressure? Or just a big engorgement? What about size afterwords? Is it suppose to be swelled up or just normal size? I clamp at the base using any kind of cloth laying around for a wrap.

Well you may be a lurker but you are not a reader. You have started clamping, apparently without knowing anything about it. You have broken the first rule here. READ EVERYTHING before attempting a new exercise. Read Aristo’s the 7 inch girth thread in the member pics. Or Big Girtha Clamping 101.

It is suppose to feel like…… Pressure and lots of it. Your dick’s girth while clamping should be at least 1/4 inch bigger in girth. (Need a tape measure to make sure) Astro reported huge engorgement while clamping. I follow Aristo’s workout. It’s here


Notice he talks about a short break while erect. Not letting that extra girth go away during the short break. Very important in clamping I think. But I am a newbie clamper. Just a few weeks and I know way more then you. (I was a hanger) But I don’t think you should jump into Aristo’s routine you might hurt yourself go slow and read up my man before starting anything new.

After finding this incredible site [thanks to everyone involved] about 2 weeks ago already clamping & hanging seem to be giving some results! While clamped yesterday [3 sets of 15min] length increased to 19cm [sorry guys > even though I want a ‘9er’ don’t really understand inches!] and girth to 14cm> I realise these are only early and temporary gains but wow just having a 19 cm throbber was a motivator! I’m also hanging 3 kg for at least 3 x 20min per day> have mastered the ‘wrap’ with sponge pads and made a hanger out of a cable clamp and a thick wire loop > another wire with hooks threads through free weights for easy attachment/detachment > seems to work well.

Here’s how the clamping routine has already evolved [thanks to lot of ‘thread reading’!] > get as hard as I can and base clamp below balls and shaft without a wrap [carefully] to as tight as I can take without pain > then I wrap the base of the shaft and clamp tightly > I try and keep the head as hard and shiny and the veins as big and protruding as I can for 10-15 min > by kegeling and stroking with a bit of porn if needs be > I do 3 of these with 10min breaks in between. I have had a dull ache in the balls towards the end of some sets but seems fine when released and nothing more afterwards

Kegeling has already increased control incredibly > can now delay shooting several times and feel the PC getting stronger everyday > great feeling > such a simple excercise but such a difference>

I am keen to try pumping > bit put off by cost of pumps > LA’s seem to be the best but will cost over 200 Australian bucks to get here > is it worth it guys? Love to hear your thoughts..

After not really thinking PE gains were for real or possible a few weeks ago I’m already worried about becoming to obsessed!! > Can see that with work and time a 9er and some good girth gains are really possible.

Great doco on TV here last night about Cynthia Plaster Caster > the woman who has been casting rock star’s cocks for the past 30 years [show in New York a few years back > Jimmy Hendrix was the standout [or should that be up] with incredible girth > she could hardy put her hand around it > guess it was 8 or 9 but length looked under 9

Anyway thanks for this incredibly resource of a site > great to hear any feed back.

Easy there tiger. I haven’t done any advanced double clamping or anything like that. I do my 5 minute warm up, get a cloth and wrap it around the base. Then clamp around the cloth for 10 min then release. Does that sound so wrong? I’ve only noticed pressure after sex/oral. But not any other time. But apparently I’m doing something wrong since there isn’t any noticeable or measurable size increase.Oh and your link goes to some members page?

Yea that link worked when I put it up there. Sorry don’t know what happened. You aren’t doing something right and it’s pressure. That amount of pressure involved in clamping is almost scary. Like your dick could explode at any second. I just finished a crazy session and my warrior looks like a porn star. I love it. Good luck tiger be safe.

Patients, dear Lad

Thal: You can’t link directly to a page on the really long threads. This is why your link didn’t work and why you got the “patients” prompt. Just link to the first page of the thread and it will work. It only took me three years to figure this out, and I probably still don’t have it right.
CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

And credit for the Clamping 101 thread goes to remek
Clamping 101 - The clamping guide
But thanks. I’m sure rem won’t mind if I take the credit for his work.

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Hey beginner, have you had any gains from clamping?

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