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Feel like I need P.E short story


Feel like I need P.E short story

To make a long story short I always feel like my 6.2 in penis and 5.5 girth isn’t good enough. I don’t Know if it’s because my bro an dad are huge . Like 6-7 in soft an thick like a baby’s arm. I always seen it in there briefs growing up and sharing a room with my older brother. I always looked over like damn whens mine gonna get like that.

Now I’m 20 and not trying to bring out the race card but I’m black and Dominican 6’2 and I’m 235. I work out consistently and played football in college. Now I have a lil lower belly fat I can get rid of but I still hit the gym. My flaccid penis looks tiny on my body. My girlfriend also swears my penis is huge but only because I took her virginity and it still hurts her to this day when I try to put it in. An all the other guys she seen was small when she was younger. She thinks mine is 8 an all her cousins would always talk about size when she was younger but it was never brought up recently. Her cousin had a guy that was 10 inches an she said she would never do a guy like that. And her other cousin how she had a guy that was 12 in an her cousin said hell no. She’s really good about it so I should appreciate more and she’s a good girl. I stress about it too much because it takes her so long to cum so she hasn’t orgasm much but she thinks it’s because she’s young and doesn’t know her body that good sexually. She’s 18. She’s always about too but it never goes. I also think it’s not me because her and her cousin bought little vibrators on the same day and hers is worn out and stop running and her cousins looks still new and still runs. They bought em 3 weeks ago.

I also have low quality erections. I tried Viagra and other supplements that have worked. I just want a strong p.e program that’s for me and Ill stick to it if someone can help me out. I also have l arginine and take vitamins. Can anyone refer to anything else I can buy like heating wraps or anything. I want to stick to it. I want to know the best method to warm up. Is hot water from a shower better than heating with a lamp or the rice sock. I’ve always researched p.e but could never stick to a program =(

Thank you to anyone that can help. I appreciate it

I think you should start with a basic light jelqing routine which will improve your EQ and help you figure out what you’re really working with. 5.5 girth is already very big, which is why your girl hurts with sex still.

I'm a disciple of science.

Start here

Take your time, no need to rush anything. You’re already a good size.

If she’s just on the edge of orgasm, she might be afraid to let go. You’ve got to set aside an evening where you tell her it’s all about her. Communication is key. Ask what feels good, all while doing all the giving. Don’t expect anything in return. Once she knows there’s no pressure on her and to just relax, chances are she’ll accept it. Once that happens you’re gold. A lot of girls aren’t sure what they’re supposed to feel, some even think they’ve experienced an orgasm because they don’t know any better. Until they get the real thing.

It’s all about the clitoris, and teasing it, and slowly letting her build. Too many times they’ve just experienced some dude trying to copy porn, too quick or going for the G spot. Just listen to her both orally and physically. Remember, all about her.

Your the man sonny. Everything you telling me I’ve been reading out these past few weeks but you summed it all up perfectly =)

Thanks Science guy. I just want an inch in length really. About to work hard!

Doubt those girls really came across 10 and 12 inchers, they are bad at estimating size.

You said for yourself she thinks yours is 8, most likely her cousins were with guys who were 7-9 at the largest. For a heating wrap it’s personal preference, I like the oatmeal sock. Light jelqing and kegels will be good for starting to improve your EQ.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Like who pulls out a ruler dude. Thanks tho guys. Appreciate. Oatmeal sock sounds nice ill try it. Should I pump too for flaccid length?

A lot of members recommend taking a few months to condition your unit before moving on with pumping, clamping, hanging, or anything else that needs some extra accessories to do. I’d say at least stick to the newbie routine for a full month before you start looking at anything else.

Thanks boss.

Welcome to Thunders and PE, Mayhemlhm! Stay consistent and you will gain!

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

I’d say you milk out as much gains as possible from the newbie routine, then increase duration of jelqing and stretching when those gains are over, keep doing that until the workout becomes too long and THEN decide if you want to clamp/hang/pump.

Originally Posted by deusexmachina
I’d say you milk out as much gains as possible from the newbie routine, then increase duration of jelqing and stretching when those gains are over, keep doing that until the workout becomes too long and THEN decide if you want to clamp/hang/pump.

Yeah this sounds really good thats what I’m doing right now. Gettting all my gains right now and when they stop I probably move on to hanging .

Your dad and brother might just seem bigger to you through your eyes. They probably arent as big as you make them out to be. I have done that before with others, and then one day I realized I was just so used to my penis and didnt realize how it looked through someone elses eyes. I remember that day.. Me and a couple of friends were hanging out drinking beers, and then we got on the subject of penis size. And then my buddy said to my other friend that he thought his dick was big, until he seen mine. So the next day I went home and looked at my penis sideways, kind of like I didnt know it. And it looked big. LOL so don’t cut yourself short, your brother and dad might be big but maybe your not giving yourself enough credit.

I just started on my journey the other day. So goodluck to you

I feel you on that. Appreciate it. Good luck to you too

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