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Feel like giving up

Feel like giving up

Not because I don’t think it doesn’t work. I just don’t have the strength to do the exercises the way they need to be done to gain. I can’t hold long stretches my hand starts to hurt in between my index finger and thumb. I also masturbate entirely too much. Lastly I have very little patience. I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been doing this for two weeks now, and I’ve been having some similar issues. But they’re slowly fading.

Thing is, in the beginning you concentrate very hard to get the moves right, and since you’re not used to them they feel uncomfortable. That’s frustrating, but I’m pretty sure this will go away when you’ve done the exercises for a while.

You’re saying that you masturbate too much. Couldn’t you try to put some of that time into PE? The solution for me was to make my daily PE session less clinical and more like a lengthy wank. The last days I’ve been rewarding myself by finishing my PE with ejaculation, which works for me.

Don’t concentrate so much on the exercises. I only grab while stretching and never bother to pay attention anymore. When your cock slips out of your hand, you’ll notice. Same goes for jelqing, don’t concentrate so much on it, just do it unconsciously. In the time you can do all kinds of things while growing a bigger dick :) .

To combat the itching in the hand, switch hands. When one begins to edge, use the other. I’ll also advice you to train the muscles in your hands. Buy a billiards ball and squeeze in it. Hold as long as you can and repeat 10 times. This will terminate the itching in a short time.

Finally you should ask yourself if you really want a bigger dick or not. If you really want to, you should accept that you need to put effort into it. We all would like to wake up tomorrow with the ideal dick, unfortunately life don’t work that way.

I can’t hold stretches for too long either, it’s probably around 5-20 seconds depending on how hard I pull. I also switch hands when one of them gets tired. I can assure you, you’ll still make gains, I did. The same goes with the masturbation. So don’t use this as an excuse! You just need to get motivated and put a lot of time into it.

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