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Feel like giving up - Ligs. damaged, losing sensitivity and erectile quality, any adv

Feel like giving up - Ligs. damaged, losing sensitivity and erectile quality, any adv

The first time i spent doing PE was for aout 3 weeks, everything was great; more sensitivity, better erections and size gains. That was about a year ago and i stopped after 3 weeks for various reasons(not injuries). This time around things seem different. I had a ligament injury a while back so i took a break for a few weeks but am back now. I give a good warm up (10 Mins) and 150 - 180 jelqs only, no stretching. Before i had problems with too much erections while jelqing and had to stop every few jelqs to let it subside. Now i find that the opposite is happening; my erection goes and i have to manually stimulate it back up. This is a problem too when i’m masterbating; if i dont stimulate it, it will go. The funny thing is that i dont last half as long as i did before jelqing, i reckon i only last about 30 secs. now. I’m going to stop for the long term and if these things dont clear up i’m going to just cut the whole lot off and flush it down the toilet and be rid of it once and for all. Only joking, i wouldnt, couldnt do that i love the little lad it’s just that he causes me so much grief. Any advice would be great.

I can’t exactly give lots of advice, but it almost sounds like your body is screaming at you to back way off of what you are doing. I agree with you should probably stop all together and give it a good rest. Do some reading on the positive and negative PI”s, check out my favorite button, the link is there.

Let some of the other guys around here give you their take on the problem, and see if a consensus can’t be arrived at.

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Practice kegels for your erection.

Slow your PE down. 150 jelqs is probably too much, or else you wouldn’t be having these problems. Stop PE to see if your EQ returns. It should return, and learn to be gentle but effective with your PE.

Have you recently started taking any anti-depressant medication? If so, it could explain a lot of the things you are dealing with.

The answer is in the third line of my signature. Pretty much what springer said.

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Thanks for all the replies lads, much appreciated. I reckon giving up is the best thing for now.

Giving up is not the best thing for now! Just take a few days off, and then re-start with a different approach. Start a light routine, and keep slowly increasing the time, intensity, repetitions of your exercises. But, and this is the most important thing, do it VERY SLOWLY so you can FEEL if what you’re doing is right or wrong, and be able to correct it without the need of long decon breaks!

That’s my humble opinion. ;)

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What do you think you did that caused the ligament injury, and exactly where do you feel the pain?

I think stretching damaged it way back (about a year ago) but not badly (No pain) and i stopped fairly quickly anyway so i had about a year of a break. Then moe recently, just around christmas, i went back (i was aware that the area was a bit weaker on my left, at the base, than on my right at the base) and the very first time i simply stretched it too far when pulling down but i was using my right hand and was pulling a bit to my right so i’d say i was stretching more on my left at the base then on my right or in the middle. So, i reckon i’m going to take about a year off (or less if thats all it takes but i’m willing to sacrifice a year as we dont know the long term effects of injuries like this) and let the ligs heal. When i am ready, when the time has once again come (i’ll probably be an old man by then) i’ll start with jelqing (lightly) and slowly build it up without any stretching at all for a few months. I have found that jelqing puts stress on the ligs too so i’ll use this time to tender them up and than i’ll start by doing 30 seconds of pulling straight out once or twice and slowly build it up from there and gradually add in other stretches. That’s the plan so in the mean time i wish you all the best of luck with your PE, thank you for all the advice and congratulations in advance for all the gains you’re going to make and be careful.

Something i’ve noticed too is that when i am sitting down for long periods it’s sore when i stand up at first but when i move around all day theres nothing really to speak of. This leads me to think that maybe sitting down all the time would make them heal in a shortened position and none of us want that. Just a thought, can’t really prove it but it’s worth noting.


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