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Feel bigger but same size.

Feel bigger but same size.


I’ve been doing the exercise for over a month now. What I can’t believe is my dick looks longer. I can’t help looking at it. Unfortunately I have alot of hair up the shaft now :( Some of its ingrown as well . How can I shave it to stop this problem?

I have measure my size, 7.5 * 5.4 approx,in other words no increase. BUT it looks longer.

Also, how thick does girth have to be to restrict blowjobs ?


Sorry guy, how can it look longer if it isn’t? Is it simply that you have shaved some of the pubic hair off?

It must be nasty having ingrown hair on your penis. I haven’t suffered from this. I hope someone who has, can give you some advice. I always shave mine in the shower and ensure I am partially erect before doing it. It is easier to do like this and I use lots of shaving foam.


Exactly, it can’tbe longer. Thats what puzzles me ! I think I will try your tip about shaving fully erect. I can only think the shape rather than the length has changed.

Im sure it must be psychological. Do you ever work out (lifting weights or running in the gym) and you think you look more muscular, or thinner? It has probably got something to do with that effect…

June 11, 03 flacid 3.8" x 4" erect 6.7" x 5.5"

Sounds a good plan, barbard. See how you get on. Mind you it seems some are prone to ingrown hairs mroe than others. I have a friend who gets them on his neck all the time. Often depends on how soft the skin is I think.

I shave against the hair growth direction on my penis. Not sure sure how you do it, but try that if you don’t already. Yes they sure do begin to grow up your penis after PE or at least that is my experience anyway.


Hey babard,

When you say it looks bigger, do you mean in an erect state, or in a flacid state? ‘Cause I think that when you do PE, your dick looks bigger first in when it’s flacid, then later it gets bigger when erect. I kind of had the same problem as you, I thought it was bigger as well.

Has anyone else heard this?

Re: Feel bigger but same size.

Originally posted by barbard

Also, how thick does girth have to be to restrict blowjobs ?

I think most people would find it difficult with anything beyond 6.5 inches girth and most would have trouble even with that much.

I am way bigger flacid - around 5 inches by 4 now. Thats great. Its erect Iook different though. I actually think I have gained. Iforgot to account for the start of the ruler before it gets to zero. So I have gained about 1/8 - 1/6 of an inch. Wouldnt have thought my eyes would see that.

If 6.5 is too big to blow, how big is too big for a woman to get her hand around ? I’m assuming women have smaller hands etc. 7?

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