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Fear of clots

Fear of clots

I have been reading about the potential for clots in the veins of the penis as a result of PE. I have read members’ discussions of things to do if you develop a clot (e.g., aspirin therapy, essential oil therapy, stopping PE, etc.). All of this information is very helpful to a newbie. However, I wonder if a clot in a penis vein could lead a heart attack or a stroke.

Is that possible?


No. These penile thromboses are superficial, not the deep kind that can lead to pulmonary embolism and the like.

Welcome to the forum. It’s great you’re thinking about your safety in PEing :)

Make that: “These very rare, but often talked about, thromboses are superficial…”

Thank you both for your replies. I will proceed slowly, keeping safety in mind.

My dad has had a couple of strokes and I know how debilitating that they can be; he has trouble walking, can no longer drive, etc. I believe his strokes were caused by blood clots around his heart. I want to balance my interest in PE with my overall health, as I’m sure we all do :) .


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