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How can my FBSL exceed my BPEL with an entire inch, that´s freaking strange. Any thoughts?

Are you pinching the skin (head) and making it long and flat?

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

This is common. Many hangers experience the same thing. There are different theories.

Here’s one coming straight from my ass, but I think others have said basically the same thing already. The collagen fibers that make up the tunica form sort of a web. Some fibers run lengthwise, others circularly. When you do a lot of flaccid stretching, you only stretch the web lengthwise.

When you have an erection, however, you’re stretching it both ways. Apparently, the “web” is constructed so that the max extension lengthwise is less when the girth is also being stretched.

I’m doing an experiment on my shirt as I write this. I’m pulling the cotton fabric up and down. Next, I’m also trying to pull left-to-right (I need more hands!). I think I see the fabric contracting a little in the up-down direction when I pull left-right. Same idea with the tunica (roughly speaking).

There’s another theory (which I just finished spouting on another thread) that something more than stretching is required to fill in the volume of the erect penis. Some cell division may be required, or at least growth of additional structures besides the envelope (tunica and to some extent ligs) of the penis.

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