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Fatty fatty fat fat fat. pads

Fatty fatty fat fat fat. pads

Just a quick one. Really quick. And I confess, I can’t be bothered looking it up.. But stuff it- you guys need new shit to read and think about and type about every once in a while. Well anyway would someone like to explain the hole fatpad thing? I know it’s like your bladder bit above your cock, but would losing weight and making that fat pad thing slimmer actually give you a bigger cock, or just make it look like you have a bigger cock - or are those 2 questions just the same??

Someone tell me what they know about these “fat pads” please.

The fat pad is the layer of fat covering your pubic bone. If you lose weight this will eventually decrease in size, increasing NBPEL measurements.

Well, it would make you look like you have a bigger cock and you would have more of your cock exposed to help with giving that angry inch to a loved one. Technically, the only way to have a bigger dick than you already have is too add new tissue (which is what many PE excersises do). If you only pulled your dick to loosen ligaments and expose more cock, you would have the same size cock although more would be exposed and ready for action.


Gut scrambler: Very cool avatar.

d-sut: Yes lf you lose weight the fad pad will thin down, but it takes a long, long time. I’ve lost almost 140 pounds and I still have a considerable fat pad, but reducing this fat will most definitely make your dick look bigger, especially flaccid hang. But the fat pad is there for a reason, to cushion the impact of pubic bone to bone pounding during intercourse. I’m not sure you can ever get rid of all of it, but you can thin it down with a lot of cardio. To lose the gut, work the legs.

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Thanks BG, I laugh everytime I look at it! Good advice about the legs too. Most people try to spot burn fat which doesn’t work. The legs are the biggest muscle group, burn the most calories when worked hard and throughout the day, and release the most growth hormone.

Thanks, and yeah Gut Scrambler that picture is fucking funny. Who the hell is it?

And good work by you big girtha on losing all that weight!

Has anyone ever considered plastic surgery to reduce the fat pad? I heard on the Stern Show a few years ago, a plastic surgeon in Phila that can reduce the pad. Does/has anyone have any experience with this?

Originally Posted by d_sut
Thanks, and yeah Gut Scrambler that picture is fucking funny. Who the hell is it?

I’m not sure who it is. I got it a few years ago from a site that had tons of funny faces on it. I used it as an avitar on one of the sportbike forums I’m on and then a guy on that site added the tongue for me.

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