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Fastest Gaining Method

Fastest Gaining Method

Aside from surgery, are manual exercises the fastest way to gain in size? I know that hanging is only recommended after experience stretching and I’ve read that pumping gives only temporary gains. So what works out to be the best method?

I agree with Thunder. I do think there may be a few more things to quicken gains though that we don’t know about yet…


I have learned the gains come in small steps. They are worth the time that you spend if you have the patients to strive for those gains.

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I’m sure that I’m ripping someone here off when i say this but, PE is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time with it, and don’t expect great things instantaneously.

Thank you, and sorry to who ever posted that track analogy.

I can’t believe that Thunder didn’t say this… the Newbie routine, taken seriously but not overdone, is the fastest gaining method for beginners. :)

regards, mgus

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Actually firsttry, there is a secret fast gain method, but no one ever talks about it- it’s secret.

I call it commitment.

Newbie routine as written for three months or until gains slow- whichever comes later.

Luck and length

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I’ve learned that PE is just like bodybuilding, YOU GOTTA WORK FOR RESULTS! But the thing you have to work on the most is DISCIPLINE! .Just like bodybuilding.

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It also helps if you don’t measure yourself too frequently (as in daily or weekly).

Good stuff here. I would venture to say though that this guy isn’t asking for a magic bullet or anything. I think he wants to put in the necessary work, but just ‘know’ what the best way to direct his efforts are.I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt :)

I would say there is no better method for gaining length than hanging, as long as you can hang at the angle determined by your LOT. I don’t see why a newbie can’t begin with hanging, so long as they don’t rush into it and realize they need to spend many hours to achieve any appreciable results. When one can hang for several hours per day, I would recommend an extender such as Vimax, AndroPenis, JES, etc. For when they are around the house or when privacy is not an issue, and the AutoADS for when they need concealibility. This can provide around 16 hours of tension (minus for shower, working out, rest periods) and 8 hours of no tension for sleeping (I do not recommend overnight PE). This gives the longest possible (safe) duration of tension and accounts for healing in the extended state. I also would do NO girth work until you achieve your desired length, at which time you should slowly transition into girth work and lowering the number of sets for maintenance hanging.

gold_member, I agree with your statements. Hang 10hrs/week at 5# adding 1.25#/week until reaching 20# . Then hang 40weeks @ 10hrs/week at 20 to 22.5# will give one all the length gains available to him. In the 2” range IMO. As you state it takes intense dedication/time.

Sounds like hard work.

I have a secret technique that I used to gain.

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I don’t think there is a best method. It’s just consistency. You can’t force it either since you can injure it.

There is a very fine line. You can get good gains with a workout but if you overdo it a little, you can injure it and it will set you back for months.

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