Faster Gains At Any Rate

I start to jelq regularly in the beginning using moderate strokes.. This is key to when you progress in the exercise later. After about 20min. Of jelqing, kegel blood into the penis and jelq but kegel in-between strokes. After 10 min. Of that, I’ve decided that as the stroke ends towards the ending of the head, squeeze it and kegel blood in your penis. Make a grip at the base using your other free hand and jelq HARD. Make sure us usual that your erection is 60-85%. You should feel the penis actually feel like you’ve truly used it to it’s max. I’m not sure if it effect girth in the long run but I’ve gained .4 inches today. Repeat strokes by quickly switching the grips and repeat until desired. What you are doing is jelqing the shaft only although if the head still bulges it is still quite good. I hope this info. Is effective for my other “stiff batters” who see the pitch but are stuck at the plate. I hope the leaders of the great site approve my technique. Good luck.