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Fast simple Question on kegels.

Fast simple Question on kegels.

Should they be done when erect or flacid? The 50 5sec hard contractions seem pretty tough. BTW i just started the newbie routine. They are done at the end so I assume its when erect to pump extra blood in but im not sure if I am correct. Also, is ok to do them at other times of the day? I feel these may be a weak point for me.

They can be done flaccid or erect. What you are doing is training that muscle for better control.. So in the beginning it is a weak point for almost everyone. It gets easier as you go. They say to do them after a routine to get a good blood flow going. And yes you can do them anytime during the day really. I do them whenever I think about it. Like right now. OK, TMI I know.


While we are on the subject. When you stretch your dick out at the 11 o’clock position it is very easy to kegel and feel the tug. Would this be a good kegel routine? Just hold you dick stretched out there and kegel about 100 times?

I have heard that is a good exercise to do. Cant remember where that post is but you might want to search for it.


Kegel when ever you can, I find boring lectures to be the best place! And try and build up to the 5 seconds, thats what I did, start at 2 sec then 3, you get the idea. Also if you have a sufficiently conditioned penis (to the wear and tear of PE) I would suggest kegeling in between jelq strokes, it increased the pressure but be careful the first few times I did this I got peppered with red spots.

I think to kegel is much easier when erect. I can hold it longer and it feels more intense.

I don’t know what has a better effect - erect kegel or flaccid kegel, but I think it’s better to do it hard because you will need it when you are hard.

Any other thoughts about that?

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I don’t think it matters whether you are erect or not. You are exercising the same muscle. I think for some it is easier to kegel when erect because it is easier to feel the muscle, but I don’t think that translates to better results. Westla has done some research on it and would know better than I though. You may want to ask him.


When you kegel fully errect you can see your dick get a little bigger than normal. You can feel it fill to the max with blood. Perhaps in a small way this will contribute to growth. This is why I like to kegel errect. There is also plenty of opportunities to kegel soft, like during boaring meetings at work, etc…

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