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fast gains

fast gains

I have been PEing now for about 3 days…basically just stretching while I study to help the time pass - I am not going to start jelquing until today - and just for kicks I measured and I gained .25inch BP! Huh? I am very pleased but wow, that was quick….are these gains not valid/cemented? Can I expect my rate of growth to be high?

Often, when you first start PE you’ll see some temporary gains due to increased bloodflow and stimulation. You also haven’t been doing a lot of measuring before, so it’s not necessarily accurate.

Unfortunately, .25 inches in 3 days isn’t somethign that will keep going, but if you manage to stick to a regular PE program, eventually the big gains will come. You just have to hang ;) in there.

Hey rawk, I also noticed big gains (bigger than expected gains) within the first few days as well. I’ll now agree with secret though and just back him up on his comments. :)

I had the same type of gains, +1.25” the first month. Then you start to extrapolate but, unfortunately, no tree grows to heaven. The following 19 months have “only” given +O.5”. But the key word in PE is perseverance. Good luck.


Originally posted by Priapos
But the key word in PE is perseverance. Good luck.

Pure gold Priapos.

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