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Far-infrared to aid growth?

Far-infrared to aid growth?

I recently got myself an extender device and I’m happy with it. After playing around with it I can now comfortably keep it on for 2 + hours. I’m currently looking into Far-infrared and how it could be used to generate heat and aid growth and healing. To try this I’m going to buy a ‘Far-infrared wrist brace’ used to treat injures and wrap around my cock as I’m using the extender.…py_healing.html

What do you think, could it be used to aid growth?

More info here:

Infrared Heat Theory and Info PE

I wanted to source a FIR lamp from the original manufacturer and patent holder of the ceramic emitting lamp but the cost was prohibitive to the USA. There is a distributor of that company’s lamp in Germany so maybe it would be better from the UK. Check my link above for details on the lamp made by Chongquing.
There are many cheap inferior copies and infringement on the patent coming out of China.

Here is the one from the original maker:…_equipment.html
German distributors phone:

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I was thinking about doing the exact same thing OP, have you got a link to the product?

Please let me know how it goes, feels etc

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