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FAQ - Manual Streching

FAQ - Manual Streching

Hey fellas,

I have a question I wonder if you guys could help me with it.

I’ve started my Manual Streching exercized today. I warmed up and everthing, now I have one big problem.

When I want to grip my penis under my glans, my hands keep slipping, so I grab tighter then it goes O.K, not good but O.K. I still need to stop around one minute because my hand starts to hurt because I press to much. I press so hard that half of my glans start to turn black! It scared me a bit though ..

I wanted to ask what is the best way to strech manual for a FIRM grip but not hurting yourself/turning black of the glans. It’s just so damn hard ..

Can someone help me with this, would be priciated!

Thanks in advance


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Don’t pull so damn hard. You could also try a little baby powder for a better grip, but you really have to back off on the force you are using.

If I don’t, I keep slipping .. Useless

- By 16th Jan 2006 - 5.6" x 5.5"

- By 5th June 2010 - 8.3" x 6.5"

Had the same problem back, back in the day. Just keep at it till you get the right grip man.

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I had the same problem at the beginning.
Tried talcum powder which did help my grip a lot, but felt weird mixed with the oil I’d use for wet Jelqs, which I normally do after the stretches.
Toilet paper turned out to be the solution. Much better grip with less pressure on the glands.
Try it!!!
I remember how frustrated I was feeling, having this enormous desire to do the bloody thing and not being able to.
I hope it will help you too.
By the way, you’ll still need a few sessions, perhaps couple of weeks to get used to the stress, so start slowly and build up.
Also not all the TP brands are exactly the same. Try different ones, until you find the one most appropriate.
Good luck!!!


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I have found washing my unit and hands when I am warming up really gets rid of all the oil on the skin and gives me a good grip for the duration of the stretches.

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