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Fading dark patches out.

Fading dark patches out.

I’ve hunted around the forum but with no real luck so I’ll ask here.

I’ve got some dark patches on my penis, mainly on the underside and I’d like to know if there are any creams or topical
Solutions to fasting these dark patches/discoloration out?

Many thanks.

Hey there!

It seems that you are talking about the perineal raphe.
I have this too and It doesn’t bother Me one bit It’s normal.

Now about that cream I think that an anal bleaching cream would work (but I wouldn’t put an anal bleaching creme on my penis ) since the raphe is dark for the same reason the anus is.

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I wish You all kinds of gains!

Yeah, anal bleaching cream sounds a tad extreme.

Is there really nothing that can be done about this with normal creams etc.

I just did a little research on what perineal raphe is and it wasn’t what I was referring to. Mine are just darker patches of skin on the underside
Mainly but also on top of my penis. It’s some sort of skin discoloration and from what I’ve read around the forum can occur from doing PE.

There must be a solution to evening out the skin color out there.

On a side note I just noticed that my original post above says fasting when it should be saying fading. Bloody tablet is correcting things wrongly.

Anyway, any ideas people?

Many thanks.

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