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Factors that help one have success

Factors that help one have success

In doing a routine either with a device or hands what are some things you should make sure your doing and look out for. And if you had to say whats are some common factors that you notice that is being done with people who have had gains. Something that you see that they are doing or not doing that’s help lead to success.

Among others:

Be consistent-
Listen to your body-
Be patient-
Warm up-
Use heat-
Listen to the vets-
Enjoy the doing. It’s a journey not a marathon
Don’t spend a lot of time comparing-There’ll always be penises bigger, better shaped, straighter, more curved, etc. than yours-

Good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Yeah , it’s like weight lifting. You won’t see any difference at once , give it some time and then your dick will look like Superman with abs on it too (if you’re lucky? :P )

Whenever good enough isn't enough, you can bet tomorrow you'll have enough.

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