Facets of my PE regimen

My current goal is length. A lot of what I’m gonna say has been discussed by many other members on here (most recently remek’s “theories” thread). I am a big believer in the “never let it turtle” mindset of PE. I think the penis should constantly be in an elongated state. If you hate the way your flaccid looks then you can’t let it remain in that state. So I think PEweights or a ADS should be used throughout the day. In my opinion this is an extremely important part of PE. I stated in another thread I think 40% of the length gain formula is peweights or an ADS and the other 60% is a solid PE regimen of lengthening exercises. Fowfers are another way to keep the penis elongated. I will most likely start sleeping using the “pillow fowfer.” My PE program contains no rest days, and I don’t think night should be rest for your penis. A fowfer is not strenuous, but keeps that penis from turtling up.

An ADS (I will be using the ADS from Autoextender), and a daily routine of stretching. There will always be a morning and evening session and in the middle of the day will be another stretching session longer than the morning and evening ones. When I’m not stretching I’m wearing the ADS (while awake). When I’m sleeping I’m fowfering. I will eventually incorporate hanging.

Since remek is talking about his theories, let me give my theory :) . I think your penis has to get used to being in a bigger state all the time in order to get bigger. Let’s call it “cell memory.” If your penis is nearly 24/7 in an elongated state it will eventually become normal. To coax length gains and send the message to the penis to grow you need to stretch, hang, or apply traction (extender devices, although I’m not convinced of their effectiveness by themselves).

I think this will make it harder to reach plateaus (a good thing!). Like Monty is constantly saying it will allow you to heal in the protracted state instead of just toughening up the tissues which could make gains that make harder to achieve. OK, I’m done ranting now.

BPEL - 5.75 inches

BPFSL - 6.25 inches