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Face fraud

Face fraud

Hello everyone,

I would like to tell you all something that looks to have become a part of my life for quite some time now.
The thing is that when I look at my flaccid/erect penis in the mirror, it looks to me like it’s below average..
But I’ve measured it as you can see in my signature, and when I look at pictures of members who have about the same size as me, it looks like they have a bigger unit than me. This is so depressing actually. I have to say that I am quite tall and weigh a lot more than average. I’ve searched for an online converter and this is what I found:
Shoe size: 11 and 1/2, length: 6.234 foot, weight: 224 lb - lbs (European size would be: Shoe size 46, length 1m90 and weight 102 kilogram).

I am telling these details because I tend to think that my penis looks small because I’m that tall and heavy. Is there any truth in that?
Could it be face fraud (I’ve translated a Dutch word on babelfish, that’s what they made of it)?

Also, most of the members seem to take close ups from their unit, and that makes it even look bigger in my eyes.
I have a picture ready to upload, from my unit at around 90% to 95% erection. And I think some if not all of you would say that it looks kind of above average.
But to end my story, I have the feeling it’s not! Am I that brainwashed or what?

I am sorry if I can’t make myself clear for you guys to fully understand what I’m trying to say here.
If you would like to give it a peek and tell me your honest opinion on my erect size, I will upload the picture in a next post.

Pepsi, it’s clear.
You don’t have to post pics, if you measured well. You’re right, you are above the average. It’ normal that other’s penises of same sizes seem bigger to us; and it’s normal that 190 cm guys could think that his 16 cm. penis look not so big at the mirror. But you know it is - 16 cm is in, or above, the average.

So, of course there’s nothing strange in your mind.

Now, keep calm and wait for the nurses.

I’m joking, it’s clear. You are a big boy, but there’s no correlation between bodyweight, height etc. etc., and penis size. The good news is also this : big girls don’t need a bigger penis.


Good gains.

Phew, thanks a lot man! That sure gave me some confident about myself again. I will try to keep that thought out of my mind. You see, all my ex girlfriends were smaller than me, and they all said I had a normal member, I remember at least one said I had a pretty big package down there. But I have never really believed that.. I think I’ll have to change my point of view on it, and maybe then and only then I’ll realize that I’m average, or a little above. Thanks again for those kind and quite relaxing words marinera! ;)

Absolutely. That same wiener would look big on a guy that is 5.234 feet tall, (1.6m).

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Pepsi, I know what you mean. I am 1,93 sm height and 93 kg, and my EL is 18 .5 cm. But still when I look in the morror my dick seems unproportionally small in relation to my body.

But hey, for big guys like us you would have to pack a 9 incher to look proportional, right?
So, don’t worry.

I don’t know how you are built, are you in shape, but if you lose a few pounds your dick will look bigger.

But as I said, don’t worry about it.

And another thing - I bet that people with big dicks but short height would gladly trade a few centimeters of penis length for more height.

Well, at the moment I am not really in shape. I know I should lose some weight but then again I kind of like it to weigh that much, having wide shoulders, having a wide chest. And you are right about the proportionally relation. I guess if I was only 1m70 with the same dick, it would look a lot bigger, like you mentioned iamaru. So I’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read and reply to this, you all made my worries a lot smaller.

Lol, it’s all about proportions.

I’m shorter than average, sitting somewhere between 5’8” and 5’9” (haven’t measure in ages). I have a thin waist and next to no fat pad. I’ve gotten more than one compliment on my shaved 6.25” x 5.2” (nbp) penis when I drop my pants with a rock-hard erection. Even though it’s not really big, it looks big on my frame.

One of the easiest ways to make the penis look bigger is to shave and lose some weight.

Hey Pepsi!

We basically have the exact same problem. I am 6’3” and used to weigh 235. It wasn’t too great, but I got to the gym and I’ve actually cut myself down to 200 and plan on continuing. Don’t let that mirror tell you how big you are. My legs used to be huge and my stomach was big by comparison to now, and that doesn’t make an average sized penis look too good. But after losing a lot of extra weight I didn’t need, my legs got smaller and my stomach got much flatter, and I got a boost of newbie gains, so now I feel huge when I look in the mirror.

I do recommend spending time at the gym (even just for health, but even weight loss) and to keep up with the newbie routine. It’ll make you feel great.

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

Hello Pepsi,

Take a picture of your penis and enlarge it.

I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Hehe, I’ll enlarge it to poster-size. :)

I’m thinking about going (back) to the gym, but last time I subscribed for 6 months, I’ve quit after only 5 weeks..
Perhaps I’ll just have to do free exercises, like cycling or walking. But another problem is that when I eat, like 30 minutes after my meal it feels like my stomach is empty again. I really think this is because of the stress I have. I would do anything if I could only be like most of the people; 3 meals a day and perhaps a little snack. Now I eat over 2500 calories per day, some days even +3500.. And I tend to eat unhealthy too, a lot of meat, preferably spiced and fat food. I rarely eat vegetables and NEVER eat fruits. It is said that if you eat a lot of meat, you are more likely to have cancer.. And it seems that 100 grams of meat each day is perfect, well, I sometimes eat more than 1000 grams!

Oh well.. I don’t really know if my life (style) will ever change, I sure hope it does but I somehow doubt it.

You definitely gotta get that lifestyle under control! Fruits and veggies should be about a 3rd of everything you’re eating. The meat is okay, but consider switching to turkey, chicken, fish and possibly tofu (if you have a good store for that close by). Then finally, try to cut out white bread, white rice, and all those sorts of carbs. Try sticking to whole grain rice, bread, and stuff like oatmeal. Oh yea, and absolutely minimize fat everywhere.

I know it’s not easy to make the switch, so just try and ease into the new diet. It definitely takes will power. You have want the results in order for the diet to make sense. Once you feel you’re in control of your diet (and your body isn’t anymore) I went to and recommend it for learning a good workout. It’s a forum website, so look on the left hand side of the window, search for the board called /fit/ and read the FAQ post. It has very clear and simple instructions for how to properly cardio and lift weights.

I followed a strict diet for about two months and worked out for about a month and lost 30 lbs. The good news is, I’m not slowing down either. Just this week I lost another five pounds. That helps to make a real difference with your confidence levels. Your body become a testament to your hard work and will. Not to mention the improved diet and exercise makes your entire system healthier, which means your body will recover from PE workouts faster and with better results.

Good luck.

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

I have been examining this phenomenon of penis size, and have written about it before. I have decided that there must be a zone of spacial-visual distortion immediatey in front of men’s lower body chakras, which causes us to see our penises as smaller than they actually are, and out of proportion to other penises or physical objects. That, or our evolutionary biology has rigged our brains for a similar effect. Really. We’re all just victims of a phenomenon beyond our control.


I Know what you are talking about, I am 1.95 meters(6’5) and my weight is 120kg(264pounds) I’ve got wide shoulders and are overweight my ideal weight will be about 108kg. My member is BPEL 18.5cm and when I look in the mirror it really looks small . Don’t know why and I do know that I am a bit over average but it really does not feel so to me. I guess it is that male ego thing again.


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