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Extremely lightweight routine suggestions

Extremely lightweight routine suggestions

So I’ve tried to be consistent with PE and have gone about 5-6 weeks doing jelqs and a few stretches. Lately I got a little lazy and haven’t done any PE at all, except a few stretches here and there. Now I realize why not everyone makes fabulous gains, or any at that! It takes hard work, a lot of time, and effort!

Now I’ve done the newbie routine (+more jelqs) for a little while and took about a break. I’ve already noticed my EQ has dropped significantly since I took my “break”. I’ve noticed my member taking a more baseball like shape (when flaccid), what can I do to reverse this? I want to get back into my routine and put in some serious time if I can!

That wasn’t my only question though. After a month or two how many jelqs did you do and did you make sure to include stretches and kegels? Because I tend to ignore the last two, which may hurt my chance to gain.

Thank you

The baseball bat shape is often considered to be caused by jelqing at too low an erection level.

The Newbie routine has a good plan for expansion. Many have followed it for a year or more and carried on gaining. You have to judge whether it’s time to move on by your gains but to do that you actually have to commit to doing the routine consistently. But you know that :)

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Okay sometimes I guess I just find myself in the routine of things and forgetting to pay attention. Thanks memento.

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