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Extreme Uli question

Extreme Uli question

Whats up guys! I have been involved w/ PE for a while but just recently found this site. I have been reading the newbie tutorial and have a question about the Extreme Uli. What is that Cable Clamp and where can I purchase it. I can’t really tell how it looks like from the pictures. Can you get it at Home Depot or what?

Also how long are the cloth wraps supposed to be? And of what material?

Extreme uli’s are not for beginners. They are definitely great for girth but you should first start with 60-80% jelqs and normal uli’s. If you start too soon with extreme uli’s you might hurt yourself.

For pictures of the cableclamp you can visit and you should be able to get them at homedepot.

Ditto what Piet said.

Some guys like cable clamps for clamping exercises, but IMO they don’t work very well for true Extreme Ulis. A hose clamp or multiclamp is a better choice.

Wrap isn’t critical. I’ve been using about 10” of very loosely applied thin sweatshirt material, then a strip of suede leather (1” x 6” x .072”), followed by a hose clamp.

To those using a hose clamp or a fancier Uli thing, I highly recommend using a nut driver or socket wrench for tightening/loosening instead of a screwdriver. One slip of a screwdriver could be really nasty.

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