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Extreme Retracting

Also don’t misunderstand the idea of a warm-up.

Jelquing is not a warm up for hanging.

When we say warm up we mean it literally: apply heat. My physical therapist used to apply heat for 15 - 20 minutes before working on any tissue. Here they recommend 5 - 10 minutes, but I don’t think you can over do it. More is better in the case of heat.

Some make a rice sock and microwave it, others use a hot wash cloth, still others use a heat lamp, I use a microveable heat pad.

So use heat. It will greatly improve your workout and decrease the chance of injury.

The newbie routine with the ADS of the weights might be all you need right now.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

Originally Posted by zaneblue
Oh, I’m a lot more Jungian than you think. Jung was into a lot of things, and I’m pretty into those things too, and not just in a theoretical way.

How about Wilhelm Reich and his “orgone” energy concept? I recall reading his “Function of Orgasm” many years ago. Zane, you ought to be in a position to REALLY evaluate his theory.

My wife and I used to get into a strange “energy state” during sex play in which we could literally feel energy from each other at a distance. We actually tested it. My wife would close her eyes and she could tell what part of her body my hand was hovering over at more that a foot.

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
Look at it this way, in the future Lloyd can use whatever or whoever he wants as an avatar and this post will make the same amount of sense. (:

Ok, I was finally allowed to have an avatar. I chose one that looks exactly like me (if I had been foolish enough to wear a tight swim suit back then), but 42 years ago when my stomache was hairless and thin. I didn’t get all this body hair until I was about 25… The extra fat didn’t happen until I was about 30.

I have always sensed that there might be a psychological component associated with my “extreme” retraction. My “castration fear” dream earlier in this thread illustrates what I mean.

Anyway, while googling around the net looking for more information on penile anatomy, esp. the “deep buck fascia” I came across “Rolfing”, a form of radical “tissue” therapy claiming to relieve mental traumas associated with chronic muscle, connective tissue tensions-misalignment, etc. (circumcision trauma?). Suddenly, it occured to me that “Rolfing” may have a relationship to PE? Has anyone considered this? Here is the Wikipedia entry for Rolfing. (Note: There is a similarity between Wilhelm Reich and Ida Rolf in these matters.):

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Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration, is a codified series of soft tissue manipulation, which purports to organize soft tissue relationships, with the objectives of realigning the body structurally and harmonizing its fundamental movement patterns. This is said to enhance vitality and well-being.

Rolfing was developed in the early to mid 1950’s by Ida Pauline Rolf (1896-1979). Rolf obtained her PhD in biochemistry in 1922; her dissertation concerned the chemistry of unsaturated phosphatides.

She proposed to develop a method of organizing the human structure in relationship with gravity, which she originally called Structural Integration of the Human Body. Early consumers of Structural Integration coined the word Rolfing from the surname of Ida Rolf. Since the early 1970’s, Rolfing has been a service mark of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, the school founded by Rolf.

According to Rolf, bound up fascia (or ‘connective tissue’) often restricts opposing muscles from functioning independently from each other. She proposed to separate the bound up fascia by deeply separating the fibers manually, and by re-engaging effective movement patterns. Rolf states that an adequate knowledge of living anatomy and hands-on training are required in order to safely negotiate the appropriate manipulations and depths necessary to free up this bound-up fascia.

Rolfers often prescribe a certain number of sequenced sessions to gradually “unlock” the whole body, usually beginning with the muscles that control breathing. Some people find the experience of Rolfing painful. The Basic Series taught by Dr. Rolf contains ten sessions. A “tune-up series” of a variable number of sessions, and an “Advanced Series” of five sessions is also available, typically after a settling period of time.

Currently the Rolf Institute and a number of other schools, including the Guild for Structural Integration, IPSB Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing, and Hellerwork Structural Integration, teach the method as presented by Rolf. Many modern modalities of “Deep-Tissue Bodywork” can trace their lineage back to Rolfing and the legacy of Ida Rolf’s theories about the fascia.

Skeptics claim that the theories the program advances the idea that there is some sort of disharmony in body movement that can cause illness, and the idea of a connection between muscle movement and trapped emotional experiences are unproven. [1]

External links
Official homepage of the Rolf Institute
Homepage for the Guild for Structural Integration
MP3 Files of Dr. Rolf’s Lectures From GSI
Structural Integration Consumer Information and Resource Center
Skeptic’s dictionary
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I purchased a Rolfing book for the male pelvic area: Out in the Open: The Complete Male Pelvis by R. Louis Schultz. I does appear there is a relationship between penis enlargement and Rolfing. One of the treatments Schultz gives to the “inner penis” often results in greater length, but not frequently enough “to advertise” (according to Schultz, a Rolfing practicioner with a laugh!).

The book is full of terrific muscle, ligament, and fascia diagrams and explanations. The book also contains a dramatic array of photographs illustrating the various “distortions” of the pelvic area that the Rolfers try to rectify as well as a wide variety of pictures of males genitals, flaccid and erect… Zane, you would like this book!

Book and Link to Barnes and Noble for ROLFING THE PELVIS!

I have been lifting weights for 30 years. Since I started PEing July 15 I haven’t noticed any turtling although I do seem to check it alot I guess to see if it’s still there. I read that some guy combats any type of turtling by pulling his penis between his legs and then closing them he said he even tries to sleep this way. I have since tried this when exercising and I do notice a slightly lower hang. Since beginning PE I now hang an inch longer flaccid. My question is not about penis turtling. When I run or do extreme physical activities my testicles retract almost like they do just before I ejaculate. I read about an exercise called testicular enhancement and have been doing this for about a month. Has anyone acheived bigger or lower hanging testicles as a result of this or any other exercises? No offence but in those member pics I’ve noticed that even the larger guys seem to have small testicles. Or is this just because they are probably in the later stages of arousal?

I too have worried about this you are calling turtling because I thought this was due for a while to the pe I was doing. I am a runner and very physical and work out almost everyday. When I work out or go running is when I experience this. I asked my wife who is a Nurse Practitioner and explained it to her, she said that it was nothing to worry about, as far as health goes but that I should ask a doctor what he thinks.

She did mention that everyone is built different and that some men when they work out gain heat in their bodies and some loose it, large amounts than your body can create. The coldness in certain areas creates the shrinkage or turtling we are experiencing. Other men will gain heat and retain it better thus you will notice why they always seem hung or swinging.

I don’t worry about it generally because I know all my wife cares about is that I still can get erect and not what I look like after a workout.


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