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Extreme Clamping


Extreme Clamping

Ok, now it has been over a month since I have started PE and I must say.this thing makes wonder. I always knew my penis was fit enough to take hard duties so, I am a very impatient guy and I took this clamping step a bit further. This is my session.

2 hose clamps
2 cable clamps
1 hour of intense sensation

I basically put both hose clamps at the bottom of my penis, secure them really tight, then right above I put 2 cable clamps for 1 hour while watching some porn, and a little promenade in the room for circulation. After 30 minutes, my penis gets really dark and EXTREMELY HUGE. 45 minutes later it feels really numb and it kinda hurts, but I am a tough guy I just watch some more porn till I reach a 1 hour limit. Taking these clamps off are the hardest, since they would hurt like hell upon removal. The success is immediate and noticeable, for about a week. My cannon, is incredibly huge (well accompanied with a massive looking turkey neck) and I am terribly horny after that. I only do this about one or twice a week, because apparently once I do this I have to masturbate (my penis feel so inhuman after that), and when I jerk off I get acne the following day or exactly the same day (no seriously I do, it is not a myth, well for me it isn’t). My problem now, it’s that it probably damage my sperm canal because I am extremely sensitive and 2 minutes it’s all I need to let my load. Usually when I jerk off I can take 15 to 20 minutes.after a full week of rest after this insane clamp. Anyway I am still a virgin I want to be ready and satisfy a girl, well after I get married that is. I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone that had a non-fitted dick, or to a guy that can endure pain. Ok now what I am trying to ask, is that if there is a way for me to last as long as possible (I would give my right arm, or my right ball for this), besides edging (which assume is the stop and go method) since I hate getting acne on my face, any medication, pills or stuff. And also I have kind of a weird question, but here it is. Which makes someone cum faster, oral or just normal? If this question is not appropriate please tell me so I can remove it thanks.

I think you definitely are overdoing it. You’ve only been doing PE for a month and you’re clamping longer than I’ve ever heard anyone do it. You’re not supposed to feel any pain from PE PERIOD! You shouldn’t have to work through it.

Black is a really negative PI of clamping. You are most likely getting blood blisters on your penis, NOT acne. That is a sign that you’re killing your dick. Take a week of doing nothing. Then get back into the newbie routine. Do dry jelqs, wet jelqs, and stretches. If you must move to more extreme girth exercises go to holds and ulis. Then you can get into clamping, but be careful man! Only do sessions of 5-10 minutes.

This is your dick. You’ve only got one!

Keep this up and you aren’t going to have a dick much longer.
Actually I’m surprised you haven’t killed it yet. Some injuries also result from a cumulative effect.
Meaning you won’t notice it until the day you wake up and it’s shriveled to 2 inches and won’t respond.

As far as your other question goes; The first priority is to actually acquire some live pussy. Because there really is no comparison between masturbation and real live pussy. Especially if you’ve never splashed in the pond before. Then you can work on staying power and techniques. You’ve got the cart way out in front of the horse here. Also I concur, YOU should wait until marriage. But I’m sure glad I didn’t

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

- He gets acne on his face, not his dick (from what I gather). I’m not sure, but this may have happened to me as well. I stopped the frequent masturbation and my acne has reduced (but I have naturally HIGH HIGH testosterone levels and I workout irregularly so I cannot attribute anything to.anything). I still have moderate acne (down from severe), and I ejaculate 4-7 times a month. I’m 22 years old.

- I do believe you are overdoing your clamping though! That engorging/expansion can be good, but perhaps not at the level you’re seeing. My unit gets about a 0.3” length gain and ?large?? Girth gain (as well as dramatically increased vascular appearance) while clamped.

- I have about 3 weeks of clamping experience (3 weeks in which I think I actually KNEW what I was doing anyway - I’ve tried many techniques long before this though).

- I consider myself an aggressive clamper because I, too, feel that I have a “tough” unit which can endure some trauma. I DO NOT, however, clamp to the point of pain. There may be mild discomfort in making adjustments/experimenting, but these are brief and I learn by doing.

- I consider the PI (Physiological Indicators) a great measure for us new people. We don’t know what we’re doing - and we don’t want to damage our units.

- Right now I use one cable clamp, and I masturbate/edge to porn first, then I follow-up with clamped jelqing (total MAX of 30 minutes with clamp on). I then might do some less intensive jelqing with the clamp removed. Perhaps then I will stretch or do whatever feels right at the moment (I’m new, and I’m searching for advice).

- I think the advice to “never let it turtle” is good. I use the “bed fowfer” technique, and I’m currently looking into an ADS of some sort (PE weights, bib, static, etc). [[[ I need advice on that topic, BTW. I’ll be searching. ]]]

- For sexual endurance: edging, kegels, actual sexual practice, and for more serious cases: a prescribed SSRI or anxiety drug (at low doses) may do the trick. I have some mental disorders so I have experience with all sorts of drugs. Fluoxetine (Prozac), which is strictly an SSRI, gives me increased endurance at 10-20mg dosage daily (I no longer use this because it’s detrimental to my unique mental disorder). Clonazepam (an anxiety medication which slows down the CNS by means of altering action potential/sensitivity of Na channels + activity of gaba receptors, and is somewhat similar/less potent in effect of widely available “PHENIBUT” (purchase at bulknutrition)), may also help at 0.5mg dosage - but it’s impractical to be prescribed a benzodiazepine drug for your purpose.

- Also for sexual endurance: Cardiovascular endurance has a direct correlation with sexual virility. A well-functioning circulatory system will help. Get in shape, and don’t neglect your legs/abdomen/glutes either.

- There is also an array of supplements which may help - but I’m still experimenting. Some people use liquid Cialis (or other pde-5 inhibitor) cycled to help with their PE. I tried it and it works, but I’m young so it’s not as important for me.

There’s a neophyte’s breakdown of the scene.

I hope to learn more in order to help myself and others as this forum is one of the few which I’ve found to be respectable. Never cease inquisition!

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When you have to use phrases like “endure pain” and “damage sperm canal” then you are doing something wrong. It reminds me of a joke:

This soldier is stationed overseas and goes to a prostitute. A couple of days later he starts developing strange spots and discolorations on his dick. By the end of the week, every color of the rainbow is on his dick and it hurts like hell, so he finally goes to see the doctor. The doctor recognizes it immediately and says it is an incurable venereal disease, and that in order to save his life they must amputate. Well, naturally the soldier wants a second opinion, so he goes to a local medicine man and tells him what the Army doctor had said. The medicine man scoffs and says “The Army doctor is crazy, you don’t need to amputate.” The soldier is momentarily relieved until the medicine man says “in two or three days it will fall off by itself!”

Keep it up and this won’t be so funny anymore.

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You are causing massive damage.

WOW keep up the good work just remember Necrosis sets in at about 15 minutes, So if you want a dead dick keep it up.

If you read most clampers do 10 minute sets not 1 hour sets.

2 hose clamps

This is trouble enough. Difficult to remove in an emergency. Sharp edges. Two is madness.

2 cable clamps

Some people do this, but I really don’t see why. One clamp at the base should be enough, IMO.

1 hour of intense sensation

Two or three ten minute sessions separated by periods of rest are recommended.

After 30 minutes, my penis gets really dark and EXTREMELY HUGE. 45 minutes later it feels really numb and it kinda hurts, but I am a tough guy I just watch some more porn till I reach a 1 hour limit.

As others have said, you think you’re tough, but when you can no longer get erections won’t your bride-to-be be disappointed?

If this question is not appropriate please tell me so I can remove it thanks.

Your routine is inappropriate. I can’t respond to the acne or sensitivity questions since I’m much more concerned that you’re going to eventually destroy the only penis you’ll ever have.

This is a joke, right?

I don’t post all that much, but please take it easy man. You will CERTAINLY injure yourself if you keep this up. Learn to delay the gratification a little while and build your unit slowly and safely. I hope you will listen to the old vets on this one.

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Wow. You’re insane.

Not only should you condition your dick for 3 months first, your clamping duration is laughably too long.

A bigger dick isn’t much use if it doesn’t work anymore. You should ease down man. Seriously.

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All right, cothiasg. I’m not going to rip on you since it’s your dick. I have a few questions, though.

How long have you had this routine and have you seen gains?

If so, are the gains evenly distributed? I ask because four clamps takes up at least two inches so a sizable portion of your dick is missing out on this “EXTREMELY HUGE” expansion.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


Ok guys take it easy. There is an expression I kind of made up that goes like this ” no other man knows his dick better then himself”. Quite honestly my penis work fine (if not better then before) after I do this clamp, and I get great gains right after and for a good period of time (about a week) and I only do it once to rarely twice a week or even in a two weeks period, so it recovers properly. I am not insane, I know my limit and in all seriousness I am not damaging my unit at all, since I don’t get any problem getting an erection any day following this method. I put the clamps at low as possible so they could engorge my unit. Also, by pain I mean sort of a good pain.I get mad horny during this process and my will make me continue till I reach an hour. I have been doing this routine since last month, now I have slow down the amount of time I do this method since I hate getting acne on MY FACE not my DICK. Also not trying to be racist, huh! My dick is black because I am black, it just tingles and feels kind of numb when I reach 45 minutes of this method, but besides that my dick feels inhuman, and monstrous for like days and even weeks. Obviously I can’t do it twice a day or consecutively, I am not that stupid, my cannon need to rest. And apparently my last question was sort of misunderstood, since I am still a virgin (for safety purposes), for whoever out there had sex, I was wondering between sex and oral sex, which make someone cums faster?

I really appreciate you guys worrying about my method, but my penis and I we do believe we can take it this 1 hour period. Maybe because I am 18 that is why my erection are so pronto, but there is no indication or feedback I get from my penis that tells me that what I am doing is injuring it.

Originally Posted by Cothiasg
but there is no indication or feedback I get from my penis that tells me that what I am doing is injuring it.

Trust us, the feedback is on the way. We actually do know what we are talking about.

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