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Extreme Clamping

Now that I think about it: I’ve never clamped for 30 minutes. The most I’ve ever done was 25 minutes, but I do consistently do 15-20 minutes, with 8-12 of those minutes being 105% erect/engorged. I always warm-up the tissues before this, and the reason it takes 15-20 minutes of clamping is because I need to build up intensity for those final 8-12 minutes of true clamping.

Does that sound about right or am I over-doing it? I seem to be getting positive PI’s and I have SOME experience (look at my actual forum join date: I’ve been a lurker for THAT long) - but still.any feedback is good feedback!

Wait how long have you really been clamping? In a PM marked 04-03-2007 you told me you were clamping?

This story is going to end badly. :(

You should take everyone’s advice here man. One day when your cock stops working, you can’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Anyways, warnings aside, have you made any gains?

Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

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Originally Posted by Cothiasg
Ok, now it has been over a month since I have started PE and I must say.this thing makes wonder. I always knew my penis was fit enough to take hard duties so, I am a very impatient guy and I took this clamping step a bit further. This is my session.

2 hose clamps
2 cable clamps
1 hour of intense sensation

I basically put both hose clamps at the bottom of my penis, secure them really tight, then right above I put 2 cable clamps for 1 hour while watching some porn, and a little promenade in the room for circulation. After 30 minutes, my penis gets really dark and EXTREMELY HUGE. 45 minutes later it feels really numb and it kinda hurts, but I am a tough guy I just watch some more porn till I reach a 1 hour limit. Taking these clamps off are the hardest, since they would hurt like hell upon removal. The success is immediate and noticeable, for about a week. My cannon, is incredibly huge (well accompanied with a massive looking turkey neck) and I am terribly horny after that. I only do this about one or twice a week, because apparently once I do this I have to masturbate (my penis feel so inhuman after that), and when I jerk off I get acne the following day or exactly the same day (no seriously I do, it is not a myth, well for me it isn’t). My problem now, it’s that it probably damage my sperm canal because I am extremely sensitive and 2 minutes it’s all I need to let my load. Usually when I jerk off I can take 15 to 20 minutes.after a full week of rest after this insane clamp. Anyway I am still a virgin I want to be ready and satisfy a girl, well after I get married that is. I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone that had a non-fitted dick, or to a guy that can endure pain. Ok now what I am trying to ask, is that if there is a way for me to last as long as possible (I would give my right arm, or my right ball for this), besides edging (which assume is the stop and go method) since I hate getting acne on my face, any medication, pills or stuff. And also I have kind of a weird question, but here it is. Which makes someone cum faster, oral or just normal? If this question is not appropriate please tell me so I can remove it thanks.

Good god…

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lol…my penis broke off this morning…it is not working OMG. I am kidding, ok guyz…look i only do this once a week or even in two weeks, and off course i have made some insane gains to, but i never kept track of my gains because i lost my ruler. to be quite honest, it is like a muscle, you work your ass off then after that you rest and it heals, then your unit get use to it and it’s all good. Like i said previously i can’t do it more then twice at the least a week because i ain’t crazy.

Randomgiant hi mate, when i pmed you that time, i was only doing normal clamping with one hose clamp and 1 cable clamp.

I’ll just be one more voice saying the same thing: what you are doing is wrong and may cause permanent damage.

I’ve suffered from ED (not related to PE) and believe me, when your dick doesn’t work, you would give everything you have to have a fully functional penis, no matter what size it is.

Here’s a link to a thread by a guy who “ignored the pain” and “pushed his limits”. Make sure to read post #7. Plasticman’s injury

PE is not about being though, it’s about being wise.

thx powpow, but this guy is nut i am not nut. he does his method everyday, i cant do mine everyday. I only do it once once a week or in 2 weeks.

Hey guys, he is not going to budge, so leave him be.

Cothiasg, it your dick. do what you want. You gain, then good for you. You get ED, then dont cry to us.

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ok, what i am going to do is try to post a pic of my unit under those clamps. And you will judge.

i can’t post my pictures on the newbie forum right?

I’m always haunted by the memory of some 4H kids that visited my second grade classroom years ago. They had this cute little black lamb with an 6 inch tail. Down by the base of the tail they had a hose clamp cinched tightly around. Someone asked what that was for and they said it was to bob the lamb’s tail. After a while the tail above the clamp would die and they’d just chop it off. Fairly painless for the lamb, allegedly. But I think of that every time I wrap my dick up tightly enough to restrict the flow of blood.

Originally Posted by Cothiasg

i can’t post my pictures on the newbie forum right?

Nope. In the members pics.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

i’ll just put a link here.


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