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Extra Stretching

Extra Stretching

I just started PEing with a newbie routine- warm up, stretch, jelq, and warm down (1

Day one day1 off).

Do you guys recommend stretching again after jelqing?

I am primarily interested in gaining length, but since it’s only my second week, I’m not

Sure about adding another stretching session in my routine.

Any opinion?

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It is almost always best to stretch before you jelq. I’ve tried stretching after jelqing myself & man, it can be quite painful, especially for the glans!

If I were you, I would just stick to what the newbie routine outlines & jelq with a lower erection percentage - as it is primarily length that you are after.

Best of luck in your progress R101.

- Lee Beast

Thanks LB

I always stretched before and after, with no disconfort at all.

I have to let it resume a completely flaccid state, but I find that stretching after jelqing feels very effective.

I’m thinking about just stretching 2 different times in the day myself.

All that in one go seems a bit much a bit to soon.

Start: 2nd of march-2006 Stats: BPEL (6.4" 16.4cm) NBPEL (5.9" 14.9cm) EG (5.0" 12.8cm)

Goal : 7.5" NBPEL 6.0" EG My Progress Report

4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

I always stretch before and after jelqing. The stretching before (5-10 mins) is lighter stretching, more of a warmup thing. Then jelq then do 10-15 mins of strong/hard stretching once the erection has completely subsided

My Goal...To Look good NAKED

Same here. I start and end with stretches. (After warm-up and before warm-down.) In fact, if I have time, I hang light weights after a work-out, too, just to maintain the stretch.

Stretches before and after are a big part of my routine as well. I prefer to keep the penis extended as long as possible, but I ease into the hard pulls. Ligaments will resist sudden shock, but they can be stretched quite far if you go slowly. Once you get them good and loose (*) get yourself a good ADS to keep them extended. And Read Xeno’s progress long about regenerating tissues.

* I have noticed that my flaccid will be almost as long as my erect length when my penis has been well stretched. The ligs are completely fatigued and whatever mechanism retracts the shaft during flaccid periods has been exhausted. This is when I stop. However, you are a newbie (at least more of a newbie than me) and my routine would constitute “over training” for you. Stick with the newbie routine for a couple of MONTHS before ramping it up. I promise you will NOT be sorry you waited. PE is both a science AND and art.

Welcome to Thunders, mighty Rumbling 1.

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