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Extra Skin Syndrome from PE

Extra Skin Syndrome from PE

Someone on another PE bulletin board made some tremendous gains and looks fine while erect, but when flaccid there is a huge gathering of loose skin hanging down.

Here’s a picture:

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I’m curious as to how many of you who have done this for awhile are experiencing the same stretch mark syndrome, even to some degree. And for those of you who don’t, what is your routine? I’m interested in making some gains, but I wouldn’t be too thrilled about having what looks like an overgrown half foreskin hanging down.

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I have the same thing, not quite as bad as that guy, but it looks very similar. I don’t know what to do about it, but the extra 2” EL is well worth some saggy skin IMO.

I think a lot of that comes from jelqing wrong so that you are tugging more skin than internal penis. Doing a search on “turkey neck” should give you some material on this.

Ok, I did some research in the forums and it seems like you can reduce or get rid of this by locking everything between your legs while you sleep, if the problem ever does arise. It would be nice to not even get to this point by using a proper technique. I’ll keep researching though, or if someone has the answer to this, I’d appreciate it. Cheers

Originally Posted by mlolongo

I got mine hanging by pulling the fluccid dick and balls from behind in between the legs and maintaining them stretched and trapped there the whole night as I sleep, when I wake up in the morning I flex them by pulling them outward gradually with an OK grip behind the ball like in the position of the cock ring

I honestly tried this for a few of weeks and it actually did the trick. My balls actually hang low. My meat is finally complemented by some visible potatoes. I know that’s not what you are interested in, but let me tell about some of the other effects I noticed. Most obvious was it appeared that my foreskin was trying to grow back. I’m cut mind you and always wished I had my foreskin and apparently this stretching allowed me to reclaim some of it. Nearly half of my glands are covered when flaccid after only three weeks of stretching. The other side affect was that my personal turkey neck had nearly completely vanished. When I see my erection in profile my dick points out straight and proud, by balls hang low and heavy, and my turkey neck is not even a quarter of what it used to be. Hope this helps, let me know how it goes for you.

For those who do not know - incorrect stretching can cause this by mainly by pulling the skin around the base/middle of the penis in the stretch instead of focusing on the ligs/tunica. Since skin stretch is by far the easiest change in the penis - it can quickly cause trouble if not identified early. This is usually identified by a burning/pulling sensation. A lig/tunica stretch is more of a dull ache to me that is inside of the penis - not a surface tug.

I am curious - do you have loose skin while erect? I was having trouble understanding the picture.

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It’s another person from the forums. The picture shows the loose skin while flaccid, and in the second picture, he’s holding the skin up to show how much of it is covering the shaft. Judging by another picture, it looks fine while erect.

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Originally Posted by Tom Foolery
This is usually identified by a burning/pulling sensation. A lig/tunica stretch is more of a dull ache to me that is inside of the penis - not a surface tug.

I’m going to start paying more attention to this while stretching. It seems that alot of the BTC and even straight down stretching I do causes alot of this pulling on the skin on top. Maybe I shouldnt be pulling straight down, or do most people experience this?

Anyway as far as jelqing goes I have tried wearing a pair of briefs while doing this and it seems to keep everything in place. Again I’m sure its effectiveness would vary from person to person.

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