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Extra 1/2 inch


Extra 1/2 inch

I’ve just been jelqing only and have gained an extra 1/2 inch over the last few months which I’m reasonably satisfied with. However, as a consequence I’ve lost some girth. I’m having to rely more and more on my off training ‘The Subtle Bulge’ to compensate. Does anyone know how I can prevent this thinning effect that jelqing seems to be causing me?

You should not be having a thinning effect man, are you certain? Some guys have a larger girth when they are not fully erect, maybe jelqing has helped you get the best erection you can get resulting in the newbie length gains and evening out of your girth?

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Yeah sure am, longer and thinner

The first time I hear such a thing from jelqs. I heard sometimes it happens to extender users.

I also think I may have lost some girth after my first length gains.

Ok glad I’m not the only one. Has anyone else lost girth in this way? How did you regain and then in turn gain more girth from this thinning position?

Originally Posted by bluray

maybe jelqing has helped you get the best erection you can get resulting in the newbie length gains and evening out of your girth?


I too lost girth from jelqing, because I was DOING IT WITH TOO GREAT AN ERECTION. I put it in caps so everyone realizes it’s caused by jelqing too intensely. Glad to hear about your length gain though.

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No, I do it intense with a super hard erection.. And my girth is increasing.. At least certainly not decreasing, do you do wet jelqs? Or dry jelqs. I say stick too it. Measure your stats really good and remeasure in 2 months. If it really is decreasing I think you should try other techniques or exercises

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I think variations in EQ are causing the thinning effect. Both lower and higher EQ can do that - I know it sounds a contradiction, but that’s it.

Sorry to sound thick but what is meant by EQ? I am a newbie after all lol


Erection quality.


How can I improve my erection quality as well as increasing my penis length? Just by jelqing?

Jelq + Kegel’s.

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