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Extenders-vs- Hanging


Extenders-vs- Hanging

Hello to everyone,

I have a question for anybody with any experience with hanging or the use of extenders. I have an extender that I have been using everyday for the past two months. I started off wearing the device per the manufacturer’s guidelines of about four hours a day seven days a week. And I have been increasing the tension every three to four days using the smallest rods provided.

The problem I have been encountering the past two weeks or so is that I can no longer go the four hours that I started off at. The past two days have been even worse. I can not even go 45 minutes without taking the device off because of the discomfort that includes: Burning, numbness and coldness of the glands, and the worst of all the severe pain I experience from the pressure of the noose placed upon the dorsal nerves.

As a result, I have only been wearing the device between one and two hours a day.So my question is, why is this not enough to obtain results?. The manufacture recommends these things be worn for up to twelve hours a day. I do not believe for a second that this can be possible at high tension levels.But the manufacture seem standby the theory that one must wear this thing as much as possible to achieve results. If this is true, than how come hangers get good results from an hour a day five days a week.

I have been studying the hanging threads here at thunder’s place. I have noticed that even the advanced of the hanging routines do not recommend going over an hour a day and that is with ten minute breaks every twenty minutes or so. When comparing hanging with extenders, both are very similar in that they are built on the same principle of creating micro-tears in the penis tissue for lengthening the penis.

I do not want to give up on the device completely. But I want some advice on how I can modify the wearing of the device. Could I still achieve results by taking ten minute breaks every twenty minutes or so like the hanging routines recommend?

I would really appreciate any input from anybody on this matter.

Thumbs Up Fellas,


I tried the extender for a while, didn’t do much for me (I did try it for a fair amount of hours). I’ll agree that they are pretty uncomfortable.

All my gains came from manual stretching. I just ordered a redi-stretcher and am pretty optimistic about it and hanging in general.

I have a bib hanger and have similar problems. I can not hang for more than 10 minutes without discomfort. I have tried a ton of different wraps and adjustments. Somethings just seem to work better for other people. I did my measurements tonight and have not seen any gains from hanging. I think I am going to go back to manual till I can get the redi-stretcher. It seems to me all the old timers on this board have a drawer full of PE gadgets they accumilated till they found one that works for them. No one said PE was cheap. Keep trying till you find something that works.

Keep trying till you find something that works.

Ain’t that the truth. I actually thought about this a long time and just made my like fourth modification to my AFB hanger with materials made from the autoextender and damn its great now!!! It’s about time. I feel like the gains are about to start coming easily for the tunica and shaft. I’ll just have to keep trying my best and wait and see I guess. :)


What type (manufacture’s product) of extenders are you using?

Thanks fellas,

I bought my stretcher from pro-extender. Maybe some manual stretches with a bit of hanging will give me results I am after.


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I have the auto extender/bib hanger. With the extender I cannot wear it for more than 25minutes before my glans get cold. I take a break after the 25min to get some circulation going then I slap it back on. As for my bib hanger, I can wear it for 20+ min sometimes, depending on the weight.

AutoExtender Reviews

I wore my extender today for a total of two hours. But I took a ten minute break after 30 minute wear sessions and that was pushing it .I will cut it down to twenty minute sessions tomorrow.

This is kind of a set back for me because these necessary break times of ten minutes after a twenty to thirty minute wear session really cuts into the available time I have to do my daily PE sessions.

By the way RockXP, what is the total time that you spend wearing your extender daily.

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I wear it for maybe 1 hour (3 sets, 20min each). I tend to use my bib hanger more.

I wear my Penimaster for up to 15 hours a day with relatively no discomfort. There are already a lot of threads mentioning differnet ways to secure the tray to your penis with velcro cable ties, captain’s wench, the autoextender’s modified head or other methods.

Good luck and good gains.

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For me extending is much easier and seems much more efficient than hanging. But forget that noose. Definitely look into the new modified head clamp monkeybar has made to replace the old noose part of the other extenders. Also whether it is with hanging, extending or clamping, never cut circulation for more than 20 minutes. What I like about the AutoExtender is is goes on and comes off easy, so you can pop it off every twenty minutes, jelq in fresh blood and put it back on quick

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The noose is a bitch. Check out this eBay listing for a PenisMaster-style replacement head.

I do suggest that you look into the AutoADS [search thunder’s] as an alternative. I wear it in such a way that I can keep it on for 3 or more hours at a stretch, only removing it to piss

If interested in hanging, the redi and the Bib are both outstanding, with the advantage to the redi for ease of application and removal. Bib’s hanger is A1 for comfort, but has a longer learning curve.

Either way, listen to BG regarding time- and don’t let the head go purple and cold.

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Also look into the sucktender ads threads here at thunders. It might give you some further ideas.

But what I’d like to know from all you people who use hangers….do they REALLY work? And if so, what sort of results have you got?

Thanks for all the input guys. RockXP, I tried your routine and it really worked for me. Three twenty minute sets prevents the pain from really setting in and it prevents that purple cold head I get after about thirty minutes or so of wear.

Also, I checked out the modified head attachement that monkeybar makes as recommended by BigGirtha. I am going to order two of them and I cannot wait to try them out.

Regards fellas,
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