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Extenders-vs- Hanging


You may want to cut down a little on the length rods. I figure your experiencing extra discomfort because of all the extra tension you are putting on your shaft. When I tend to try to pull too hard I also experience discomfort.

Head Clamp size

1st response: MB has two different size head clamps, each clamp can be adjusted for two different sizes by removing the screw in the hinge. If your flaccid girth is 6” or more you will need the bigger head. If you are going to get two heads you may want to get one of each size. Remember fluid build up will make your flaccid bigger after heavy hang sessions or any aggressive PE routines. Might want to PM MonkeyBar and ask him which size would be best for you before you purchase.

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No Nukes

I agree to get rid of the noose and replace with a silicone strap.

I`d recommend a break every 1/1.5 hrs to massage some blood flow.

Also, ease up on the tension increase. I think that micro-tear and healing is a false premise in PE; if tissue tears and heals, it heals with scar tissue. It is a physiological property of scar tissue to contract and harden and that will detract from/prevent PE gains.

These devices work by using moderate,sustained traction to facilitate new cellular growth during the normal process of cell death and regeneration. ie new tissue rather than stretched/traumatised existing tissue.

Originally Posted by garyram
You may want to cut down a little on the length rods. I figure your experiencing extra discomfort because of all the extra tension you are putting on your shaft. When I tend to try to pull too hard I also experience discomfort.

I agree.

You got to be more patient. If you were able to increase the rods every 3 or 4 days, you would have a monster dick in a matter of months! Your glands are doing what they are doing because the stress is too high. Those devices are made for light stretching all day. You most likely need to cement the gains before increasing tension now. Try reducing the rods and moving up every couple weeks or so. Even if it doesn’t feel like it’s stretching, it is. Keeping your penis in an extended state, even if gentle, seems to be working for people.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

You must resist using too much tension, excessive tension is not the goal, you must avoid coldness and numbness, its not worth the risk. Slowly over time you dick will adapt. My noose device came with some band aid type thing you slide over your shaft almost as if you were to slide onto your finger and it helps alleviate some discomfort from the silicon noose. My problem has become that the silicon straps used to tighten the device often come off and have to be re-tightened. I am sceptical right now as to the assistance in gains, however I do not hang or strecth, I think I need to introduce these elements into my program.

Thanks fellas,

I have read every reply and I appreciate all the input.I was impatient and not using common sense.

I will certainly cut back on the tension and concentrate on wearing the device a little longer throughout the day. I was just under the impression that because I was only wearing the device two hours a day I needed to make up for it with higher tension levels.

However, I am still going to purchase the modified silicone head attachment that Monkeybar makes.

BigGirtha, thanks for the follow up information regarding the different sized head clamps that Monkeybar offers. Also, Stanby thanks for the information referencing micro-tears and scar tissue. It sounds like if I would have continued at the rate I was going could have prevented any potential gains in the future.

1st response

I am new to this forum but I have been into PE for many years.

You can not adjust an ADS every two or three days, if this were the case everybody woud be a porn star in few weeks.

The concept is:

Keep it to a tension level wich does not cause you a real discomfort, then you will be able to maintain an all day stretch (ADS) and increase the extension of the ADS (one single screw round per week could be right), and you could grow one inch or so in about a twelve month time span.

Hanging may be faster (I am not sure) but you need many hours per day dedicated to that job only and a lot of privacy. An ADS is slower, but you can almost forget you are wearing it and nobody sees it.

Some people hang morning and evening and use ADS in the meantime, which is supposed to work even more.

Take a week or so brake and wen your penis is not sore any longer, start again nice and easy.

PE is a pleasure, when you feel pain or discomfort stop, wait and restart slower: rush will not make yor penis grow.

Hope this may help

Thanks for your advice buby and welcome to thunder’s place.

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