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Extenders for beginners?

Extenders for beginners?


I recently bought the sizegenetics extender. I am in school and have a fairly hectic schedule, so at times its hard to find an hour to properly do the beginner routine. I read online that its bad to wear an extender as a beginner because it will toughen up the tissue in the penis and limit your gains. Is this true?

It’s not confirmed one way or the other but it’s not impossible that preemptively doing something like wearing an extender might toughen up the tissues prematurely. As is stated never-endingly on this site; the advice of the vets is to simply follow the newbie routine, for a minimum of 3 months before you try anything else. There’s no reason not to follow this advice except impatience. Following that logic, you might want to consider putting your extender away for a while. It won’t go anywhere and it’ll be waiting for you once you’ve completed the newbie routine for a decent amount of time.

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